Cafe Indulge

Had dinner at Cafe Indulge at The Cathay with Ashley, Jazreel, Jiamin and Ruth yesterday.
Luckily the close around 11pm if not I would be starving, have not eaten since morning.

Yayy~ I love lobster hehe ^^

After eating we went to Loof and then to Fusion Pool to play Pool and sing Karaoke, went back in the morning around 6am+ I did not have enough sleep!
Slept for 1 hour and then wake up and prepare to school, actually I don't intended to go because my eyes were red when I woke up, feeling so uncomfortable.

We had Yu Sheng in school, these are all fresh hand made ingredients.

Was being post to Bishan branch! But then because I wanted to learn more skills like eyelashes perming so I had to go to Bugis branch. Is like so far, further then Loof and still need to change train I cannot be late for work mannn! Bishan is only 2 minute away from my train station but my dad prefer me to work at Bugis. Siann. I'm afraid of being late, will have my x1 salary deduct for being late by a minute! Tomorrow most of the apprentices will be going to the outlet that they are allocated at but I still need to go back to school :/

After school went Admiratly to collect Geo lenses from supplier, and then went to Marsiling to take away some food home to eat. Will wear my new lenses out on Sunday, can't wait to try it out!