Learned Swedish massage at school today, hopefully I would remember the steps.
Parents is looking down on me that I do not know how to do house work, I can ok -.- doesn't mean that I never do at home means I don't know how to mop the floor etc.
After school went Junction8 to meet Alice and pass her Geo lens, had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market also. Junction8 changed a lot, a lot of new shop already!

Ordered this Tiramisu cake as dessert after finishing my Main course, I simply love Tiramisu :D
But their base is using Cheese cake, although I love cheese I feel nausea after eating and did not even finish it.

Alice, did not met her for a very long time already.

Finally found the song I heard last year on television! I remembered one sentences of the lyrics which is "朋友都劝我不要不要" this is how I found it when I'm listening to song randomly on Youtube hehehe, hopefully I will find the other song that I heard on that day too.