Ministry Of Food

Planned to meet up after many months, so yesterday we went to Ministry Of Food for a Hi-Tea Buffet.

On my way out with Sister, took cab again. Out of 7 days I'm taking cab for 5 days and at least once or twice per day or more, seriously I should stop this shit. I need to save money to get Canon G12!

Took some photo while waiting for Gladys, Janice and Karen.
Using two different camera so that the size of the photo might be different.

What do you think about the photo? For my I don't think it's up to my standard ):

We started to order the food once Gladys and Janice has reached.

While waiting for food...

First thing that was served was the crabmeat roll.

We all had the Cheese Fondue except that my Sister ordered the Chocolate one.

Chocolate Imo, taken by Gladys I think this photo is nice (Y)

Me eating Fish egg and Chicken Kaarage, so yummy with cheese~

Haha, this is so funny.

This was also taken by me, I think it is better than the previous one that I've took.

So funny, all disturbing on how Janice is eating.

I made this, confirm get killed if Janice saw this.

A group photo before Karen came.

A group photo before Gladys and my Sister left, thanks to Gladys for scanning the Polaroid picture.

Went to sing karaoke at fusion after eating.

My heels broke while singing, don't know why. All thanks to Jazreel for getting me a new sandals and for bringing my honey over! Heheheeh ^^

Went to school today, learned how to do eyelashes perming. I think I'm awesome! Gonna do it tomorrow on my model, hopefully it will turn out nice or more then what I expected.

And we all got fine $5 for wasting food.