I must be thrifty.

Look at my tired eyes, pity them. For Friday and Saturday got 48 hour and I only slept for 10 hours.

On 27 Feburary working at enJoY, after work went Bugis to meet Jazreel and Karen. While waiting for them I went to Bugis Junction arcade to play DDR. Alice saw my check in at Facebook so she came and find me together with Shiting.

After awhile three of us went separate ways, I went to eat Steamboat and Dessert with Chef Steven at Liang Seah street together with Jazreel and Karen, after that we went to Loof for awhile.

On that day I talked a lot, at work and even during steamboat.
Too tired and had some illusion about Karen, so funny but it is only a flash of it so can't remember what is that but it made me laughing like crazy. I remember I want her to try the chili I mixed and I laugh after I had some illusion of her reaction.

Yesterday at work @ Plaza Singapura 

Me doing eyelashes perming for Alice

Look at her leashes after perming, qiao a not? ^^

Spended $2.2k+ on Feburary, gosh I must cut down. Wondering where do I get my money from.
Trying to cut down on food too, last year I'm 39kg and this year is 42kg. Today I took my weight and realise I just lost 1kg within 1 month so I'm 41kg now. Must maintain ok Serene cannot grow any heavier then 42kg this year, should stop spamming food.

I did Purifying Treatment facial and IPL(In-Pulse ray Light) + RF(Radio Frequency) yesterday, and today realize that is not suitable for me because I'm still young it is only for women age 30+ after using I will have a breakout non-stop for 1 month especially I have oily skin it would be worst. Praying not to have break out now, I'm so scare ):

I think I might stop using Foursquare because it is dangerous, feel so scary yesterday. After my facial ended at 11pm+ I walked home, a guy was like waiting for someone below my block. I ignored and walk pass him went into the lift and when the door closed he ran towards the lift and I was shock, scare that he will follow me up or held me up in the lift. When I reached my floor I faster ran home open the door and quickly shut it up.