Stay home day.

Finally can stay at home today, I'm so tiring that last week did not have an off day. 5th and 6th of March were at Suntec Beauty Roadshow helping people to trim eyebrow, so much customer that I rarely have time to rest. My back and leg were aching until now. Few days ago I'm scare that my skin would breakout so I started eating vegetable. Surf there net and found tips to stop break out I search "How to prevent breakout" rather then "How to cure breakout" really what, I rather prevent it, only stupid people will go and search how to cure will post those tip when I'm free. After that day I seldom put on make up also because I'm scare that my pores get clogged. Until my face gets a bit of improvement, and it is improving! Below are pictures taken on 3rd March.

Normal(Left) and Beauty Shot(Right)
My skin look bad ):

Thinking of this question "How long will this feeling last?" made my heartache.
I'm the one who wanted to love so I did not regret. Don't wish to make things clear, don't want to know anything, I just want to get out of this. I know this day will come, my 6th sense is so powerful that it asked me to get out this before I get hurt badly. It even let me feel that you will go back to whom you belong, if it is true please cherish it. 希望你會幸福