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Must visit places

It has been long since I blog right? I guess you all miss me haha. I've been busy working these few day and tomorrow will be my last day at Loof :(  Hope I can get my new camera soon. I've reached my target 20 days, can't believe it man! February and March was a torture for me, I knew it earlier so I'm ready prepared. But starting form April there are more fun to come for me! Won't be having anymore income if I stop working at Loof, so I hope dad can increase my pocket money by $5 just a $5 is enough I will be happy if he does that but I don't dare to request :/ There's a lot of thing that I wanna get and visit, really.(Who doesn't?)

Art Science Museum
Can't wait for it to open! Heard that this shape of the building is build to made for the "feng shui" This is at Marina Bay Sands if you didn't know.

Bar CoCoon
This is a hand sculpted ice bar inside a icy box reinforced with triple glazed safety glass for extreme conditions and a Temperature of -15 Celsius. The glass in Bar CoCoon is filled with a nitric oxide mixture that minimizes condensation and keeps the floor packed with snow.

Jewel Cable Car
I didn't call is the Jewel Cable Car, it is the new cable car. Feel like trying it ^^

Suntec, Fountain of Wealth
Feel so stupid as a Singaporean because I have never walk in there before. People believe that it will bring you luck when you take a walk around the small circle inside.

Bottle Tree Park
This is called Bottle Tree Park because of the sculpture of the tree, I wanna have my Fish Spa at there! It is located at Yishun and another one at Sembawang. 

Eski Bar

Another Ice Bar, temperatures range from -6 to -16 degrees Celsius. They provide jacket, some pink furry one. Two outlet too, Holland Village & Circular Road.

Henderson Waves
Have been wanting to go there since 2 years ago? But it's so hard to get up there should really cab there someday and walk down. It is a bridge formed like waves, many park are connected there also.

Sentosa Beach
Palawan Beach(Left) Siloso Beach(Right)
Gonna hit the beach soon, still got bikinis that I haven't wear before in my wardrobe. Wondering when can they see the sunlight :/

More place that I wanna visit like:

MINT Museum of Toys
 Wanted to go there like 2 years ago?! I always love visiting museum. 

I wanna sit on the elephant, look at the animal and have fun!

Bird Park
Bird feeding!!

It has been a long time since I last bowled.

Actually wanna go Genting during the holidays, but then can't go already because of work :( really hope that I can get leave and go on a trip to Genting with friends.

Berjaya Time Square
Is located at Malaysia, Kular Lumpur. I want to try their indoor theme park!

River Safari
Will open in 2012, located next to Singapore Zoo if I'm not wrong. I want to be the first few to visit River Safari!!! There is Polar bear and Panda!! hehehehe ^^ I love bear.

Labrador park
Wanna take a walk there and look at the scenery there, but don't know how to go.

Science Centre
Suddenly miss Science, it has been long since I did not touch it since Secondary school.

Universal Studio
Hello hello, who want to go with me?! I want to play their roller coaster, both red and blue!

Bishan Park
The new Bishan Park is opening soon already, who want to go?!

I don't have a photo of if but you can always google for it right?! 
Here's a web for you, there are a lot of place of interest you can see there.


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