Khon Diao

Went to Sim Lim Square to get my Canon G12 yesterday, hehe ^^ after that walked to Bugis street and did pedicure at Milly's. April is gonna be full of activities for me, happy that I can at least enjoy life for 4 times a month. Schedule is so packed that it became a stress for me to plan them, need to arrange with so many people. So so so lazy. After doing my nails actually wanted to go toilet but then end up buying clothes after that I went to Loof for a short while, for dinner and I then go to the toilet when I reach there.

Nails I did at Milly's
I was wearing pumps so they ask me to buy a sandal because covered shoes will spoil the nail if not I must sit there for 2 hour, I'm ok with it but they ask me to buy sandals so I wore their sandal for temporary and went to search for sandals, did see any that I fancy so I went back there to wait and one of their customer told me that level 1 got more footwear so I thought of a shop and I went out and look for footwear again. Guess what? I found a size3 heels, so happy and I bought it. But I won't wear it for long I guess. That time my heels broke and Jazreel help me to buy a havanias sandals I also wear it for that day one. Will wear it if there's chance! After that I went back to Milly's made payment and left, forget to apply top coat! Today while applying top coat at home I realise a bit of the colour at the corner drop off already :(

This is my new baby, hehehe ^^ Will love you but I won't neglect ST550, will still bring it out everyday with me.

Sad, extraction leave my face with a lot of marks :(