Cafe Del Mar

Suddenly woke up and saw Shiting message, she asked me to meet her tomorrow or another day because she just finish clubbing very tired. After reading I was like "my mind is in a blank" I don't know what to do. So count the time and I let her sleep enough already then called her up. After preparing I meet her at Vivo, and we went Sentosa. I keep wanting to go Cafe Del Mar, and guess what. While she is waiting for me she took brochures of Siloso beach and Palawan Beach, she say that she wanted to go Palawan, but we ended up staying at Siloso for the whole day. Actually intended to go to Henderson Wave but then we were lazy to move. So stayed at Cafe Del Mar for the whole day. I've no ideal what we were doing, but just keep on snapping and snapping photo. After I left home I feel that something is amiss, I tried very hard think what have I forgotten to bring and realize I've forgotten to apply my UV Lotion! And now I became a bit dark :/ but it is not very obvious.

Took these on the tram ^^ On our way to Siloso beach.

I like her in this photo, look so nice.

I ordered a cocktail for her.
Butter Float(Right) if I'm not wrong. Mine is the very standard one Lychee Mojito(Left)
Both is their signature cocktail, can't be found where else, but Lychee Mojito is quite common also.

Is good to go out with a person who know how to save money, I don't know what to eat and she said order this spring chicken. Is more worth, haha I like.

Look at that chicken wing! So tiny, cuteee~

My Mojito LOL! Finish already, I don't know what am I doing hahaha!

The sun is setting down~

This is called Strawberry Sangria, their signature cocktail too.
When I go to places I like to try their signature cocktail.

Do you think this is nice?

I accidentally ate my cherry, so I took ShiTing cherry which has been soaked for a long time.

Get changed and went home after that, didn't look at the time.

Her guy came to fetch her at Vivo level 3, after that we went to take MRT. ShiTing went to top up her card and he tap in first, after that I also followed and tap in. When she finish topping up her card and wanted to tap in something happen. The guy look at somewhere and laughed, I thought what I also look over. So funny! Many tourist from china is crowding around the entrance to the MRT figuring out how to tap in, she is so unlucky when it is her turn to tap in she was block by a bunch of people. I actually wanted to tell them my friend is behind and wanted to come in and she went to tap the card already, after she tap the card the door open and all of them rush in before she even came in. So funny, wondering how are they going to tap out later, some are clever enough to copy her and tap in.

Going to Sentosa again next week, hehehe^^ Can't wait.