Ma Maison

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ended work, prepare and then went Boat Quay.

Wet my hair, put on make-up, when hair is semi dry I blow it.

I think I look cute here, haha

With Stella

Later went Boat Quay.

They're my ITE mates, long time no see! ^^

Ok. And that night I was shock that I vomited foam when I never even drink beer.

 Thursday, 7 April 2011

Finally can go out with Chloe after months!

I was angry when I'm on my way to meet her. When I reach City hall to exchange train to Bugis I waited for three train then I can get up! Wasting my time -.- what's wrong with people don't know how to queue up or what? I came first and then? I always lose out. Luckily I have the patience to wait and not rushing for time if not I think I will cry on the spot if I really cannot take it.

Had dinner at Bugis Junction when we reach. Actually wanted to dine in at a western restaurant called V7 but then I forget how to go already so we walked around and I wanted to eat at somewhere special, it's kinda hard to find. And at one corner of Bugis Junction at 2nd level I saw people queuing so I'm curious about what is inside because there's no glass panel for us to look inside. So I walked to the small entrance and peek inside haha, after I see what is inside I was like "Woah, I want to go in I want to go in!" it is kind of cozy inside and she was attracted by their Seafood wok thing, so we went in. Waiting time was around 15 minute? So we took photo while waiting.

This is near the entrance, the brown book I'm holding is their food menu. 

Sexy babe!

Decorations placed at the waiting area inside. 

Olden days housewares.

I wanted to try their Steak but then she wanted to have the Seafood wok thing and it is a serving for two, so no choice have to order it and share it with her. If not where can finish?! Ordered gratin, with scallop and prawn. Gratin is one of my favorite food ^^ and I don't really eat seafood with shells like muscle, xi hum etc.

This is the Seafood wok, taste good :P

Gratin with scallop and prawn

For their drinks they have a high range of wine, others would be cocktail, beer, juices, soft drink and float.

This key is for you to make payment, their service is good too.

A shot before we start our meals.

Below is the address if you wanna try their food, but I'm not sure about their operation timing.

Ma Maison Resaurant
#02-51, Bugis Junction (200 Victoria Street)