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Changes of me

I'm going to blog about the changes of me from 2009 until now 2011
Blog post of all these photo is also available, you can find them on the Blog Archive at the Right column by looking at the month and year.

June 2009
Taken at Marina barrage when they have just open, during this time I had long fringe and curl extensions

July 2009
Lunch at Plaza Singapore Xin Wang Cafe after Swimming at Anchorvale, I learned how to swim by my own but is the wrong way of swimming haha

July 2009
Science center

October 2009
Har Par Villa, curl extensions is also removed

October 2009
Halloween at Night Safari, this is when I first started putting on fake lashes and dyed my hair and also had straight hair extensions

November 2009
Graduation Night, I curl my own hair using hair straightener followed by wax

November 2009
Went to Kitty Lab at Expo

December 2009
Testing out camera when I first bought Samsung ST550

December 2009
Love dressing up when I was younger, cut short my fringe to slanted side

December 2009
Shopping at Bugis Street

December 2009
This day I took photo by the water splashing on the side and my camera sensor spoiled for awhile

January 2010

January 2010
Taken at Clark Quay

January 2010
Had dinner at ION Xin Wang Cafe, sat there for hours chatting! Dyed my hair golden orange

February 2010
Fun Fair at Hongbao River during Chinese New Year

March 2010
Work as a Talent for Disney on Ice event

April 2010
When I just got in ITE Yishun, before that I dyed my hair indian black and it faded into brown

May 2010
Went Ri Ben Chun for dinner, actually went out with bangs but that I think it is ugly so I pinned it up

May 2010
Had hair extensions

June 2010
Penang study tour

August 2010
Had my hair cut short, dyed red and also bleached my hair for highlight

September 2010
Wennt Sheesha during Mid Autumn Festival, I bought clip on extensions so I can put and remove it whenever I want

September 2010
Kusu Island during Vesak day to pray, after the red hair faded I dyed brown

November 2010
Remove my braces on October, took me 1 year 11 month

December 2010
I plucked off my baby hair on my forehead, had my hair extent again

December 2010
The day before I went Bangkok

January 2011
Attempted to put center parting but fail

January 2011
Cut my fringe into bangs again because I think long hair irritate me and also remove my hair extensions and re dye my hair to cover the black root

February 2011
Love this look of me

February 2011
Meet up with friend for dessert at Ministry of Food, this day I start saving for Canon G12 and I trim my own fringe because I want to put it side way but failed

March 2011
And this month I got my Canon G12

So I change a lot did I? You can see from my face, last time was still alright, now fats all over.

Now is April, I always wanted to have a hair cut but I'm always not free. Wanted to cut my hair shorter by another 3 inch and hopefully I can cut away the bleach hair on my bangs, it is now not very obvious already. After my bleach hair is gone I shall grow my fringe long so I can clip up, my forehead is getting worst with pimple when I have my fringe covering it. Never see you will never know how it is.

So today I spend my whole day at home doing this blog post, and updated my blog shop. Do take a look there's new geo lenses in 15mm

Gonna get this, love it when I first saw it. So natural, but in 15mm I still prefer 14mm lens.

If you notice, there is a new tab on my website, for Item for Sales.
You can view the webpage here if you can't find the link.

Do support my "Item for Sales" for more enquiries or Formspring me at


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