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Home Rest

Gonna give myself a 1 week probation at home, need to save up some money to pay for overseas stuff. Was thinking whether to reborn my hair a not because it will be more convenience for me at other country. Will be going back Chiang Rai to visit relative on October but Mum wanted to go Chiang Mai and walk walk first, I hope that there is a chance to stop by Bangkok for some small shopping. December will be going to Hainan with Maoqi, one more trip will be in November but still not confirm yet. Hmmm, where to find so much money when I'm not even working? Please let me know if you have any job available. Photo from yesterday, went Ice skating with Jed and Maoqi Feel  free to question me at

The World Of Legends

Yes, this year theme for Chinese Garden is "The World Of Legends" I went there today during late evening together with Maoqi and Wenting. It is a great place for families during the lantern festival. Here are some pictures of the attraction. There is a twin pagoda near the entrance and we went up to the one on the right, 3 storey. Wishing Tree, $6 per throw. Just outside the twin pagoda. This one was much higher, 7 storey. Maoqi said she don't wanna go up but she was the first one to start haha! Day scenery of Chinese Garden from the 7 floor of the pagoda. This is the kids fun land that are not to be miss for the kids! Get $2 off for $12 purchase of  funland tickets from the entrance ticket. First 500 visitor daily will get a free lantern, we are one of them because of me we reach there too early. Hmmm, what does this resemble?? Say hello to the cutie panda~ I love this dragon photo. Heard from my mum every 15 October in a part of Thailand the lucky one will b

Being away

Hi readers~ I'm back to blog for awhile. Did you miss my face?? Past few day did not update my blog because I'm busy. Busy with what? Busy resting at home and earning money hahaha! Why you all never patronize my online shop?! :( Please visit collection 2 is coming up hopefully by next week. Past few day I keep going out with Maoqi We went to play pool at Fusion 2 days ago~ After playing we went to sing for awhile and headed to her house. Her dad chicken rice was awesome!!! Shall more activities be coming? Stay tune! Formspring me @ Xiangtingk