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Don't go away~

It is so quiet this October on my blog and I lost 1000+ reader in just a month, that was a lot but I will try my best to build it back. You all might wonder why am I not on .com already, it is not that I do not have money to pay for a domain name is just that I already paid and bought the domain name but it still did not link to my blogger because of some dns setting and I am lazy to set it so I lose mood the mode for blogging without the .com but fret not, today I will replace what I did not blog for this month by blogging about 4 topic. Kusu Island - 8 October 2011 If you have been following my blog for a year you should know I have been to Kusu Island last year, but when you go there you need to be there for three consecutive year as there is a reason behind it but I don't know why and what is the reason. This year I prepare a lot of coins there, not to buy food to feed the tortoise like the child do I bring coins to throw on the turtle and some wishing bell f