Don't go away~

It is so quiet this October on my blog and I lost 1000+ reader in just a month, that was a lot but I will try my best to build it back. You all might wonder why am I not on .com already, it is not that I do not have money to pay for a domain name is just that I already paid and bought the domain name but it still did not link to my blogger because of some dns setting and I am lazy to set it so I lose mood the mode for blogging without the .com but fret not, today I will replace what I did not blog for this month by blogging about 4 topic.

Kusu Island - 8 October 2011

If you have been following my blog for a year you should know I have been to Kusu Island last year, but when you go there you need to be there for three consecutive year as there is a reason behind it but I don't know why and what is the reason.

This year I prepare a lot of coins there, not to buy food to feed the tortoise like the child do I bring coins to throw on the turtle and some wishing bell for luck.

Datok kong is the most famous malay temple there for people who love to gamble and want to huat ah.

Me and mom on our way up the temple, must climb quite a distance to reach the top.

All the number written on the rocks, this year I spend more than last year inside the temple. For every stop I visit to pray I will put a note inside.

Here is the link for the post where I visited Kusu Island last year,

KBOX - 15 October 2011

This day I went kbox alone, so recorded a music that I sang to share with you all.

KBox with Janice - 28 October 2011

This day we went to for collection of prize for the Hakubi photo contest. Thank you everyone who voted for me if not I couldn't be a winner, can say this is the first time I won in a contest. Really thank you everyone one who voted for me!

We went to Kbox for singing and buffet. I love the salmon there because is it cheap, only $3 for a thick slice of salmon!! If got chance next time I will take a photo of it and show you all how thick is it. But one person is only entitled to a $6 coupon so I only eaten 2 slice.

This link will lead you to the Hakubi contest that I join.

Fright Night - 29 October 2011

I went to Universal Studio for the Halloween event with WenTing, did not take much photo because we reach there quite late and were rushing for time but we still mange to finish exploring the two huanted house and played a ride :P

We drank a bag of blood!

Overall it was still a fun and funny night, really not very scary.