Maritime Museum

Today I'm going to bring you all to an online tour to Resort World Maritime Experiential Museum, hope you enjoy by looking at the pictures so you can have of mind of knowing what is inside

When you enter the museum there will be a "Bao Chuan Show"(treasure ship show) featuring on a magnificent full size replica treasure ship.

This is the ship that "Zheng He" use to travel around asia, he is the asia greatest explorer.

All these are gifts from the government of Oman to Singapore.

The Maritime Silk Route is equip with many interactive touch-learn-play panel and activities station, this wayang doll is coloured by MaoQi and I.

I play this game often when I was in Secondary school.

Also remember playing a game called "Marco Polo" during primary school, everyone know that is a name of somebody but don't know who is it but we just play the game for fun. This guy over here is Marco Polo.

Another activities!

The Junk that we made, mine is very ugly x.x

We have this passport to carry with us when we walk along the Maritime Silk Route, there will be 8 country in total for you to explore.


We stamp our own passport

Hand crafted 

Instrument made out of real animal skin.

At this time we went to the Typhoon theatre, a theatre with 360-degree screen with special effect. Quiet cool inside, I can't explain to the feeling to you. You must experience it your own ^^

Gelato Ice-cream, delicious~

There are 1-for-1 offer on the day I went and I bought Cappuccino and Nocciola flavour.

Someone is enjoying~ Ummmmm*

Horoscope pillow, interesting.

Their toilet door look like it is leading us to the cabin.

At night, having our dinner after finish exploring. The background look like day o.o

15% discount came along with the ticket so we decided to dine in at their restaurant "Fish & Crab Shack".

Appetizer - Crab Gratin

Appetizer - Cheese Stick

Main course - Crab Linguini

Aquarium will only be open on 3rd quarter of 2012, shall visit the museum again next year ^^

Overall I think that this museum will be a very good learning place for children as there are many interactive program for them. Photography is also allow inside, if not how can I capture all these photograph ;P

Resort World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

General Admission
Adult - $5
Child (4 - 12 yrs old) - $2
Senior Citizen (65 yrs old & above) - $3
*Exclude admission to Typhoon Theatre

Typhoon Theatre Admission
Adult - $6
Child (4 - 12 yrs old) - $4
Senior Citizen (65 yrs old & above) - $3
*Exclude admission to Museum

Last but not least, my pottery creation done at one of the interactive portal.