Day 1 - Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

This day I went to Thailand, depart from Singapore early in the morning to Chiang Mai. This is my first time visiting Chiang Mai in my life but I'm not going to start from Chiang Mai first, now I'm going back to my home in Chiang Rai Mae Sai. Will start my adventure in Chiang Mai on the last 3 day of my trip, I will post my trip on a daily basis so remember to view my other post too!

Uncle came to Chiang Mai airport and drove us back to Chiang Rai, the journey takes around 3 hour but we reach there in the night because we got stop by some places to eat and take a walk.

Hot spring, on our way to Chiang Rai. Can you see the rainbow?

Hot spring well, people there use this to do business which is selling egg.

I bought a basket of quilt egg, now I'm going to cook it by soaking the egg inside the well.

We also pass by this temple, this is one of the famous tourist attraction in Chiang Rai.

This is also the part of the temple. We were there at night so it was close and did not have a chance to take a tour inside but I'm sure that I will be back. Stay tune!

Went to a big shopping mall in Chiang Rai to buy some toiletries stuff and saw this. All these are handmade using leaves and fruits, people use this for praying.