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Day 10/Day11 - Chiang Mai

Today will be the most interesting day of all on my Thailand trip, so you can't skip this post! Had my breakfast in the hotel before heading out, they have many variety of food to choose from and these are what I took for my first round. After breakfast my family and I waited at the hotel lobby for the driver to pick up up, their rate is reasonable like that I said yesterday. 1,000 baht for half day and 1,500 baht + fuel top up for full day. First place we went was the Elephant Park, riding elephant was always my wish. 1st thing to do there is to watch the elephant show, so before we were seated I bought some elephant food to feed them so that I can take pictures with the elephant. Elephant and the Manhunt posing for the camera And me with the cutie elephant ^^V Look at the elephant pose, it is crossing it's leg! Nice shot but my sister closed her eye, cause she was scare of the elephant. 2nd shot One of the young elephant is