Day 10/Day11 - Chiang Mai

Today will be the most interesting day of all on my Thailand trip, so you can't skip this post!

Had my breakfast in the hotel before heading out, they have many variety of food to choose from and these are what I took for my first round.

After breakfast my family and I waited at the hotel lobby for the driver to pick up up, their rate is reasonable like that I said yesterday. 1,000 baht for half day and 1,500 baht + fuel top up for full day.

First place we went was the Elephant Park, riding elephant was always my wish.

1st thing to do there is to watch the elephant show, so before we were seated I bought some elephant food to feed them so that I can take pictures with the elephant.

Elephant and the Manhunt posing for the camera

And me with the cutie elephant ^^V

Look at the elephant pose, it is crossing it's leg!

Nice shot but my sister closed her eye, cause she was scare of the elephant.

2nd shot

One of the young elephant is very playful, when my mum wanted to pluck a banana to feed it the elephant snatch the whole bunch of banana and swallow it up.

The elephant had rough and spikey hair.

Many people were crowding at an area while I'm seated so I went to squeeze in and take a peek too, it was bath time for the elephant before the show starts.

Elephant are having fun

Elephant are queuing to head to their stage for performance.

(So sorry, I recorded the full video of the elephant show but I don't know why I can't upload them. It might be in the wrong format so that the video is fail to upload, will try to upload ASAP if I can.)

These are drawing of elephant by elephant

They were put to sales to raise fund for the elephant park.

Went for OX Riding after the Elephant Show, I can say it is a very rocky journey.

Later we were asked to stop at some place where the is road side stall and we walked to the place to wait for an elephant ride.

Woooo~ I'm on a elephant, an long and rocky journey.

And the elephant walk pass a lake to another side of the so called "forest"

Later the manhunt let us to rest at a place where we can take photo, and we bought food from the road side stall for the elephant. They eat banana and bamboo.

Busy sorting out food for the elephant

Me yay with the banana

After looking at this photo then I realize the elephant that my sister and I ride is bigger than our parent's elephant

The elephant gave me a scare when I never feed it because I wanted to post for photo but it can't wait to eat so it blew air on me. So far we do not have any perfect shot with the elephant, not missing one head means elephant not ready for pose if not means camera man hand blocking the camera lens.

Elephant time to have a rest, the drink water from pond 

Bamboo Rafting is our next activities after the Elephant Ride

This young elephant really love drinking water. I love downslope too, so trilling but my sister was scare.

Elephant walking by the lake again, this time our elephant poop while walking. It's poop is very huge!

Lunch time after the Elephant ride, we had buffet.

These are what I took, their food really suits my appetite.

This is ABC Soup if I'm not wrong.

Heading to bamboo rafting, we both look like kampong lady

Look at my dad, I think he want to do the :P face

We have two rafter, one at the front and one at the back.

An elephant look alike tree, interesting. Did they sculpture it or this is the natural growth of the tree?

Caucasian having fun on their elephant ride.

Our rafter is so good, they let me tried bamboo rafting. I feel so honored to be their guest. It is easy to raft but what I want to say is the bamboo is very heavy!

They have a resort builded somewhere near the elephant park, currently is not ready yet.

The rafter ahead of us said to our rafter "no tip no tip" because they did not get any tip and my mum gave our rafter some tip, the rafter ahead of us must be envying our rafter. If you go there remember to give them tip, they really earn very less, as low as 200 baht per day which is less than $10sgd so they really the need tip, at least let them feel happy with the tip you gave.

A visit to elephant park is a must, I make sure you enjoy your day there and never regret.
Local only need to pay 1,000 baht to enjoy OX Riding, Elephant Ride, Bamboo Rafting and also include Buffet. I'm not sure the price for foreigner but I think should be around 2,000 baht or less.

If you love adventure there is an zip line adventure around the elephant park too, I wanted to give it a try but no one dare to play. Their website is view for more info you can book in advance and no payment is required for booking.

After fulfilling my wish of riding an elephant both of my parent wanted to go to shooting so the driver drove us to the nearby shooting centre.

Instructor guiding me on how to hold and operate the gun.

The gun I used was 357 Magnum Revolver, not heavy but for a first timing like me my aiming was not very good. For that gun is around 1,000+ baht for 20 bullet.

Looking at my mum shooting while it is her turn, pardon me on my relaxing pose.

Went to play go kart at X-Centre after shooting, they have many kind of activities at X-Centre but prepare to bring a lot of money if you're going there because their ticket are all very expensive. Their most expensive activities is the Offroad Buggy which cost up to 7,000 baht and is around $300sgd, would like to try it next time if I have the chance to. Visit their website at for a list of their activities.

Today went back to hotel very early because my cousin is waiting for us at the hotel for us to go back, later we rest at the hotel for awhile and went out to shop at night market. I really love shopping at thailand night market because the things that they sell are really very cheap but if they found out that you are not local then prepare to pay extra for the item that you eyed for.

Bought all these little plushie, they are not as simple as what you thought they are ;)

18 November 2011

2nd Breakfast that I had in the hotel, it is simply delicious~

Went to the Airport after we had our dinner and prepare to check-in

The lady and the man on the right is one of my two cousin

Please don't think that I'm wearing the same grey top, is a two different piece previous one is from cotton on body this is from forever21!

Finally I'm back to Singapore

On these 10 day trip we only spend around $2,000sgd for 4 people, not including hotel fee.