Day 9 - Chiang Mai

This morning took the most expensive bus from Green Bus to Chiang Mai from Mae Sai, there's VIP seat infront and we got it. Their service is good and the space of the seat is big too but I didn't have a picture of it. Make sure you make reservation first if not there might not have a seat for you.

When we reach Chiang Mai we first check into our hotel called Pornping Hotel I can guarantee it is affordable for everyone and you will sure be satisfied of the room. We booked 2 Deluxe room and it cost less than $200 for 3 day 2 night. They also have a tour service at an affordable price too, so we booking an driver. Before we even view our room we are already at the Chiang Mai Zoo, hahaha! Same as Bangkok Zoo, foreigner need to pay a double price for the entrance ticket compared to the local.

There is a Panda World inside the Zoo and beside it there is a Snow City.

We bought ticket to go inside and view the panda, there is only 3 panda inside. I think it is not recommended to go into the Panda World as it is not worth it.

1 Handed Crab

The entrance to Aquarium comes along with the ticket to Zoo, super worth it!

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium Facts:
  1. It is the biggest aquarium in South East Asia covering 4 acres.
  2. Their tunnels are the longest in the world measuring 133 meters!(Both saltwater and freshwater tunnel are 66.5 meters each.)
  3. Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium us a living museum that joins both fresh and salt water environment in one place. The aquarium allows all living creatures to coexist under one roof and represents territories from their significant ecosystems.
  4. It is regarded as the first "Mountain Top Ocean" in northern region of Thailand.
  5. This Aquarium exhibits more than 20,000 fish with a diversity of 250 species. The fish are imported from both Thailand and other countries crossing over thousands kilometers from the sea.
  6. The "Monster and Creatures Zone" is the biggest indoor exhibition for insects and reptiles. Their exhibits include previously unseen creatures such as a Doi Inthanon Cascade Frog, the local frog that is found only at Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai Province and the "Indo-Chinese Water Dragon", the biggest chameleon in Thailand.
Copied from ChiangMai Zoo Aquarium brochures 

Fish feeding using milk bottle outside the aquarium

These gold fish are bigger than the normal ones

Can you see something?

Sorry that I might not be able to name all the sea creature as I'm not really familiar to them.

This is a so called "transparent fish"

Baby stingray, so cute :3

I think these fishes look like "Dong Hai Long Wang" hahaha

One of the most poisonous snake in the world

Glow in the dark Scorpion

What is she doing??? Chopping our aquarium passport every station to get entitled to a free photo taking.

Stone frog. Can you see it?

Sorry but I think that these worm are disgusting.

Some kind of snake

Clown fish aka Nemo

and it's friends~

Stingray pond

Unknown sea creature eating a prawn

Stone fish

Aquarium performance

Humongous Stingray, cute~

Really sorry as I did not note down the names of those sea creature. Heading to the Aquarium souvenir shop now.

This time I did not purchase anything from a souvenir shop but had a happy photo taking.

Kola Bear, had a hard time taking this picture as it is very playful.

Left Zoo very quickly because we still need to go to Doi Suthep Temple before the sun set.
Chiang Mai Zoo is better for its Aquarium, if you are more interested in animal and you have a vehicle you can visit Bangkok Zoo as they have a Drive in Zoo. 

Doi means mountain, same meaning as "Bukit"
A visit to the Temple at Doi Suthep is a must for any visitor to Chiang Mai like what many people say, if you never been to Doi Suthep means you have never been to Chiang Mai before!

And also please remember this, if you were to visit any temple in Thailand do dress appropriately.

I saw many coin on this table and I tried pasting one without using anything to stick.
After taking this picture my camera battery went dead, the two photo below are taken using my phone.

And I saw another table with my zodiac clearly seen and I paste another coin, if you can notice my coin is the most shiny one with the king head facing out. I'm not self praising haha.

Visitor need to climb 309 step to reach the temple, alternatively you can choose to take a tram, either way up there will be an entry fee. Foreigner of course need to pay more than the local.

This last photo is featuring the whole Chiang Mai, sorry if it is not very clear. I force switch on my camera and take a quick shot and it went out of battery again.