Day 8 - Chiang Rai

Today was the day that I woke up most late, because we've ran out of place to go. After I've wake up I stayed at home to prepare, eat and wait to go out, too some picture while waiting because I'm bored. Plus very long never self shot already!

Around evening then we started going out, we went to a place that I remember I have been there before when I was still a kid.

Monkey village?

Mom bought some fishes to set it off while sister and cousin is feeding fishes.

When I first alight from the car I went close to a monkey wanting to take a close shot of it, and when it make noises I follow it making the same noise after awhile the monkey get angry and chase me wanting to bite me, gave me a scare because I thought they don't bite.

Later mum bought fishes for cousin to set it off

I wanted to go up there but then... no one want to accompany me up. There is a cave inside I think, very high up.

He is eating the female monkey leftover, eww.

Hahaha look behind me at the person holding a stick, she is scare~

Sticks are available for rent to prevent money from getting near to you if you are scare.

There are also crocodile there

One of my uncle disturbing the small crocodile use the stick, he's the uncle that went to stay in Laos with his wife.

Sun Wu Kong?

Their Hua Hou Shan(Home)

We left at 6pm because when it is 6pm all the monkey slowly disappear by going back home.

Later Uncle drove us around and to this Chinese Village, all the house around there are in Chinese style and Chinese word. They even have a Chinese School build there, lesson are held at night.

How lucky am I? Morning I feel like eating porridge and I saw it here, so I bought a bowl. P.S I bought the sausage ala carte from other stall and add it in, haha.

My sister said this is Taiwanese style teacher, and we walked pass them and heard them speaking another language, maybe they are really from Taiwan.

Check out all these snacks that we bought from the stall there, all these doesn't even cost up to $1sgd and they have more flavour of lays compared to Singapore.

Check out tomorrow post as I will be heading to Chiang Mai ^^