Day 7 - Chiang Rai & Laos

Here I am today at Laos, I reach there by boat to visit one of my relative whom move there to stay with his wife. Do you know that Laos had been sold to China for 99 years?

Hmmm, what are theses?

Reptiles Whiskey

Foreigner can enter a small part of Laos without VISA but sadly I can't visit my relative house because I need to travel quite a distance to apply for VISA. If you people want to buy fake branded goods Laos is the place you should visit, many branded labels are there from China.

Familiar picture right? I had it in my post few days back.

Laos Casino

This shopping center is huge, and never turn on the lights until we enter I think they want to save energy. They sell everything you need, from house hold appliance to toiletries to electrical product and skin care, food and even more, all are selling at a very cheap price product are from China too.

This is beside the Casino, if I'm not wrong this should be a hotel.

A bear that is trapped in a cage.

Come here of course must take picture with the flag right, so that you all know that I have been to Laos haha!

Rivers are an important means of transport in Laos. 

Messy hair during boat ride

Had ice-cream again after lunch, this is Yam and Coconut flavour.

What is the Golden Triangle?

Many years ago The Golden Triangle is a place to grow opium, now it help Burma, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand to stay connect with each other by the river.

This stairs is to Wat Phra That Pu Khao Temple
Located on a hill near the Mae Khong River, it is centred by a mondop surrounded by 5 small satellite chedis at the back of viharn. This time I did not climb up, this time we went up by car.

These structures are enclosed by double boundary walls with a staircase on each side except for the double boundary walls with a staircase on each side except for the western wall.

Opium Museum, I accidentally walk in with my mum and my sister were asked to pay for the entrance fee so we came out. I can say Hall of Opium is much more better than this museum as it is there is more interactive things in there.

Saw this stall yesterday and did not bothered but today we went to patronize the stall

Somehow look alike to our Roti prata so decided to give it a try.

This taste much more sweeter than ours

Look at the dustbin, we bought 10 over roti and made the person so busyyyy.