Day 6 - Chiang Rai

Today visit the most unique and one of it's most elegant temple in Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Khun Temple(White Temple)
The temple is design by a very famous fine art painter in Thailand, he volunteered his services of the temple all at his own expense as an offering to Loard Buddha.

The temple does not promise visitors reincarnation or a better life, instead it aims to provide them good feelings while walking around the magnificent grounds.

He manage to accumulate 30 million baht by the sales of this paintings for construction of the temple.

 Million piece of mirrored glass are used to decorate the outside of the temple. If you were to go in the temple you can see modern image inside.

The temple it self will have 9 buildings, this is one of the building. Guess what? This whole building is a toilet.

Flying fish on the left

and Tortoise on the right guarding the toilet

A card of me to keep as souvenirs.

There is a gallery that shows all his art but they are not for sales, if interested you can purchase his drawing in a note book form, magnet, or t-shirts etc.

At night had buffet at our house near by, only 1400 bath for near to 20pax means it cost $5+ per person. So freaking cheap right?