Day 5 - Chiang Rai

Slept at Wanliya Resort last night, they offer private room and bungalows which can stay up to 6 person as normal hotel only can stay up to 3 person. Most important thing is there is free Wi-Fi!!!

Swimming pool with shelter

The restaurant in the resort that I had my breakfast in


and Decorations

Heavenly delicious bread infuse with chocolate and nuts

There are also benches outside the room

What is this?

A car

I spot a toy car in the resort.

Wanliya Resort is located at
479 Moo 10 T.Weangpangkham
A.Maesai Chiangrai 57130

For more information visit their website at

Visit the Hall of Opium after having breakfast, too bad photography is not allowed inside.

Hall of Opium exhibits the history of opium around the world and in the area, the process of production, the effects of opium smoking and campaigns to eradicate and substitute the crop. There's even a tiny opium plantation inside! The Hall describes itself as "edutainment" From Wikipedia. To me it is a fun learning experience in there, don't worry if you don't understand Thai there is also English language explanation inside! 

After learning we went to an restaurant to have our lunch, the food there is delicious but did not have the chance to capture any photograph to show you all before eating.

Opposite view is Laos Casino

Futher up here is a port for boat to stop by from China to delivery goods to sell in Thailand, but after some incident happen here they stop boat from coming in since last month on October 2011.

Buddha statue next to the Mekong river

The Golden Triangle map

This should be another Casino in Laos