Merry Christmas 2011

19 December 2011

Met up with Gladys, we had a small chat at Subway then later she accompanied me to buy thing then she went off. So long didn't meet her already, she's a busy girl. Hope to catch up and spend more time with my friend in future.

Karen came after Gladys leave and we watch the movie "New Year's Eve" it was sad that I couldn't spend Christmas and New Year eve in Singapore this year because I will be going to Hainan.

We went shopping after the movie end

20 December 2011

The next day is my birthday! Went back to Loof, waited for Edwin and Ruth to come.

When they reach we order some food while waiting for them to end work.

This day Chef Steven cooked a lot of food including my favourite pasta, but can't finish them all feel so sorry that I waste the food.

Steven bought the cake for me and they sang me a birthday song which surprise me, the rose is cut by edwin using a strawberry. Nice right?

Later we went V4 to celebrate, it was fun to go on stage!

21 December 2011

Went to Edwin work place, TGIF then I waited for Joan and Karen to come.

Cocktail made by Edwin

Must thanks for the food and drink, I love the Onion ring!

After that headed to Drink Culture

Zhang An made 2 drinks for me, this is the Chocolate Birthday cake. Feel so sorry that I can't finish the cake.

Went to Zouk after that, but at that time is quite late already and Phuture has reach is maximum capacity so we went Power House. Later a bit more people join us. I'm happy because this is the first time I'm celebrating my birthday with so many people.

Thank you, Gladys, Joan and Karen for the present ^^

Last but not least have a merry Merry Christmas and thanks all for the wish :)

I will be back on January with my Hainan trip post, stay tune!