Hainan Trip

Gonna introduce you another country that I have just visited. Hainan, I went there with MaoQi for 10 days and visit places like Hai Kou, Long Gun, San Ya and Wan Ning from 25 December 2011 to 4 January 2012  the average temperature there is in between 15 to 24°C. It is located at the East Asia, China.

On the plane

Ordered two food as I'm very hungry, love the bread!

Hainan has two international airport, one called Sanya Phoenix International Airport and another is Haikou Meilan International Airport which is the one that we arrive at.

Had steam boat when we reach there, for the soup base we choose Herbal Soup.

We felt quite amazed that they use Seahorse as a kind of herbal in our soup.

Sushi Restaurant 

Long Gun
We arrive at a peaceful village which is MaoQi hometown called Long Gun.
I believe that every family in the village have the own vegetable farm.

They also have Chicken,


or Goose.

The people there feed the animal until they grow bigger and saluter them to make dishes like Wenchang Chicken, it is one of the most well known dish throughout the province of Hainan.

They either consume their own food or sell it to earn some money.

Duck have good bonding,

they always stay together no matter what. So cute~

Hmmm, what about goose?

Small passageway left behind as a gap in between houses.

Bored, so played with camera. My eye.

Papaya Tree

I love milky sweet.

Look at China Lays potato chip packaging.

This place is one of the tourist attraction in Longgun, sorry that I forgotten the name of this place.

Performance at the tourist attraction.

He actually used his tongue to lick the hot plate, it is very hot that your skin will stick on it when you touch it.

Went to Bamboo rafting after the performance.

Different country got their different style of bamboo rafting, you might want to take a look at "this".

Wan Ning

Wanning is hot throughout the year. At times it can become cold with temperatures between 5 and 8°C. Wanning is quite near to Longgun, for what I think Wanning is the best place to hangout if you love night life.

Fish farm

The surrounding of fish farm.

Fishes, the skin of this fish is able to change into 3 type of different colours.

Cross Stitch!

They are so clever to invent this kind of thing, this is not a light stick. It is x10 bigger than light stick and it is made of styrofoam. 

San Ya
Sanya, the second largest city in Hainan the city that attracts many tourist.

We stayed in the hotel at Sanya for 1 night as tomorrow morning we will be setting off to one of the attractions in Sanya.

During the first day we were bored so we went to play pool

and ping pong in the hotel that we are staying.

Sanya also has a Duty Free Shopping mall.

You can find quite a lot of brand here.

CDF, China Duty Free?

CDF is a two storey shopping meant for "tourist only" passport is needed for verification and item can only be collected at the airport on the day when you are departing.

Wine cork with design, found on one of the roof top cafe in Sanya.

It's morning! This is the sea view from the hotel which I'm staying.


Set off to Suan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya after breakfast.

Need to take a long stroll before we reach the statue of Guan Yin

This is currently the fourth taller statue in the world, and the tallest Guan Yin statue in the world.

108-metre (354 ft) statue of the bodhisattva Guan Yin.

Bought some red string which will give us blessing to tie on to a tram below then Guan Yin.

I'm sure you notice something Korea? haha

1rmb for 1 coin, toss it into the lotus and wish for a better life.

Have a coconut~

This lady is selling seashell to make a living.

"Man: Is this real seashell?
Salesgirl: OF COURSE!"

There's also no winter here, it is hot throughout the year in Sanya.

The statue has three aspects, one side faces inland and the other two face the South China Sea, to represent blessing and protection by Guan Yin of China and the whole world.

We took a tram back to the entrance as we walked a really very very long distance to the end of the temple.

End of our trip in Sanya, and I also heard that they are building a Water theme park in Sanya that will be done in 2013. Sanya is a place that tourist should visit, there are many other attraction in Sanya other than this.

Hai Kou
Went to Haikou to stay for a few day before going back. Guess what's this?

We are so lucky to sat on the taxi powered by electricity, whole Hainan only have 7 of it.

Shrimp snacks from KFC

I know the picture is very less, will take more next time.