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Yesterday met up with my secondary classmate Nelson and Marcus for a dinner at Vivo City, The King Louis Grill & Bar. It is a medieval castle theme western restaurant with sea view facing Sentosa, they also got live band. Ordered Cheese Fries as a starter and we three shared it, I like it but they say it is not up to their standared. As for the main course Nelson ordered Pan Fried Fish Fillet, Marcus ordered Sirloin Steak with Rosemary Red Wine, and I ordered Cheesy Chicken. These three dishes I think that the steak taste the best followed by the dory fish and the chicken that I ordered taste normal. The King Louis Grill & Bar is located at: 1 HarbourFront Walk  Vivocity #03-07A After dinner I went to Shanghai Dolly and wait for Joan to finish work. After meeting her we went to La Barra Di Vino then followed by Neverland.

Hainan Trip

Gonna introduce you another country that I have just visited. Hainan, I went there with MaoQi for 10 days and visit places like Hai Kou, Long Gun, San Ya and Wan Ning from 25 December 2011 to 4 January 2012  the average temperature there is in between 15 to 24°C. It is located at the East Asia, China. On the plane Ordered two food as I'm very hungry, love the bread! Hainan has two international airport, one called Sanya Phoenix International Airport and another is Haikou Meilan International Airport which is the one that we arrive at. Had steam boat when we reach there, for the soup base we choose Herbal Soup. We felt quite amazed that they use Seahorse as a kind of herbal in our soup. Sushi Restaurant  Long  Gun We arrive at a peaceful village which is MaoQi hometown called Long Gun. I believe that every family in the village have the own vegetable farm. They also have Chicken, Duck, or Goose. The people there f