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The Titanic Experience

Where are we going today? The title shows it all ^^ We are going to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. I always wanted to go there to see their exhibits, this is my first time there and I am there for the Titanic exhibition that run from 29 October 2011 through to 29 April 2012. This is a hanging decoration at Promenade MRT station, should have alight at Bayfront station if we knew it was nearer. A photo of me before going in, as you notice I am wearing spectacle that day. I am not sure what went wrong with my eyes and it hurt a lot so I decided to wear spectacle out. Photography were prohibited inside so I shall obey the rule and not taking picture inside. Below I have a walk through video of the Titanic Experience, so if you had miss the chance of visiting the museum you still can get to know what is inside ^^ Sometimes in the museum I will have a feeling that I am really walking on board the Titanic, you will know how I feel if