The Titanic Experience

Where are we going today?
The title shows it all ^^

We are going to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. I always wanted to go there to see their exhibits, this is my first time there and I am there for the Titanic exhibition that run from 29 October 2011 through to 29 April 2012.

This is a hanging decoration at Promenade MRT station, should have alight at Bayfront station if we knew it was nearer.

A photo of me before going in, as you notice I am wearing spectacle that day. I am not sure what went wrong with my eyes and it hurt a lot so I decided to wear spectacle out.

Photography were prohibited inside so I shall obey the rule and not taking picture inside.

Below I have a walk through video of the Titanic Experience, so if you had miss the chance of visiting the museum you still can get to know what is inside ^^

Sometimes in the museum I will have a feeling that I am really walking on board the Titanic, you will know how I feel if you have been there before ;) the feeling is so true.

If you don't know, The Art Science Museum sculpture is inspired by a lotus.

Last but not least, I paid to watch a documentary that it can be found online. Some of you may have watch it before on The Discovery Channel(exactly the same as what I've watched), let me share it with you here: