i Light Marina Bay

I'm at Marina again! This is like the most often place that I have been visiting recently.

Miniature effect

Took some random photo before meeting up people from photography club

Pictures on Poster effect

It's night, time to go for a night exhibition!
This is the second edition of i Light Marina Bay that is held in Singapore Marina Bay Waterfront it will be from 9 March to 1 April 2012, admission is free.

Key Frames
Key Frames makes use of LED light tubes to create a display of more than twenty static stick figures. When paired with an electrifying soundtrack, the lights create a choreographed display which evokes movement.

Garden of Light
On the surface of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands it project incorporating a variety of light and sound effects to tell a story about environmental sustainability and highlight the beauty of the natural world. The projectors make no impact on the surface of the Art Science Museum but create a spectacular effect visible from several vantage points throughout Marina Bay.

Low energy LED Light installation using a new digital light format to produce a news flash effect showing symbols relating to concerns of 21st century rapid growth in Asia.
I love this the most! They are a light align in a long straight line, you must discover what is in the light by taking photo using the shaking motion and setting the shutter speed. The pictures above are what I've got. Must thank to ZhiXian for coaching if not I wouldn't get these picture

The Gate
Hundreds of small beams of low intensity laser light frame the entryway and radiate straight past the viewer, splashing red into eternity.
Becareful not to let the laser light shine into your camera.

Coral Garden
Coral-like sculptures made of re-used cocktail stirrers which promotes the beauty and importance of coral in the functioning of natural ecosystems. The cocktail stirrers are a symbol of consumerist society, which is indicted as an element polluting our seas.

A key objective of i Light Marina Bay 2012 project is to advocate environmentally-responsible behaviour for a sustainable future. Click here for Smart tip on how to save electricity

Source: http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg
More photo on my Facebook album: i Light Marina Bay 2012