Bloom Again

Pardon me for the picture quality I don't know is it just me or what, I just feel that the picture quality in this post ain't good I feel so sad about it. Maybe is taken in low light that's why.

It's Thursday I went to join in Singapore Garden Festival around 8pm, that's late as they close at 10pm.

For those that have not been there I suggest you to go quick as this weekend will be the last day.

My first time going to Singapore Garden Festival, I don't know what is it about but the curious me decided to check it out!

When I went in level 6 I realize it is a showcase different designer artwork of balcony, you can even take their name card and contact them to give your balcony a makeover.


Alice in the Wonderland


When entering a kaleidoscope walk...

Saw this on top of a ceiling turning round and round and changing colours.

Triangle of flower inside cylinder with mirror

Which is the true triangle? 

Singapore flower

This remind me of some coral flower

Lotus on water

Gardening kit! I wish I had one, you will know why later.

Cutie squirrel 

Left around 9pm because there wasn't enough time for me to walk around as most of the shop at level 4 is closing but I manage to get something as a souvenir ^^

Ok so I bought a Dendobrium it is a orchid. Very easy to care, suitable for me but it is only the starting. This plant is inside a bottle of gel, the gel will feed the plant and let it grow so I do not need to water it or give it air, it only need sunlight to grow. But when it grow I will need to transfer it to a pot, will blog about this plant again when it grow.