The Gift Of Time

Live life at your own pace. Timely surprises on Hermes "The Gift of Time" Exhibition at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station from 1st to 12th August, 11am to 9pm, admission is free. I only had free time during their last day of exhibition so why not pay a visit?
FYI: This exhibition made its debut in Hong Kong and continue in Singapore.
P.S. This is my first time visiting Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Their wall decoration, black holes are the air conditioner

In this exhibition Hermès, tells the story of Hermès time through poetic displays tinted with light humour, variety of colours and a series of sensory discoveries.

From what I heard I know that the station close on 2010, on this day I took a cab there as I didn't know how to go there. Here is a conversation of us after I tell him where I am heading to:

Taxi Driver: Huh, I thought that place closed down long ago?
Me: Ya but I want to go there, heard that there is a exhibition there.
Taxi Driver: But they close already?
Me: Nevermind uncle just go then we see how because for what I know they use that land for event.
- upon reaching I saw this sign surrounding the building that scare me or some sign stating that it is a state land -
Photo credit: beingmultilingual
Taxi Driver: You want to alight here?
- Me thinking "What?! Is like a stranded place, I got cheated or what, why close?" Later I saw quite a number of people ahead -
Me: Uncle stop infront, the place were people are flagging for cab.

And I finally reach after 15min trip starting from Thomson, the place is very shut up so there is only one way in.

KTM Ticket counter, I guess this was the booth that people queue in the past to get their train ticket.
Today it was made into a lobby for people to queue up for their turn to explore the 7 circular walk-through room.

Mirror reflection of KTM ticket counter

I'm in the queue, reaching the entrance to the circular walk-through room now.

As I say it stated above there are light humor, some one of the room they lit up a certain item and turn off the light after a few second so the image may not be clearly taken, so sorry.

Room 1 - The Orgin of Time

Never forget: The first role of light is to make the dark more beautiful, and not to measure the days.

Room 2 - Free Time

In this room everyone were given a pouch to keep our watch and not to be pressure by time.

Quote in different languages, Hermes video also available

Room 3 - Time Suspended

Immerse in the meticulous precision of Hermes watchmakers

The fence is 2,47m high
Which is the world high jump record height by Huaso, ridden by Captain Alberto Morales Larraguibel in Vina del Mar in Chile in 1949

Minature racing saddle, 1921
Pigskin, 18-point stitching, copper alloy and canvas
Made in Hermes workshops
Emile Hermes Collection

Minature Saddle, 1991
Pigskin, cowhide, felt, chrome plated brass and wool
Hermes Creations Archive Collection

Oxer jumping saddle, 1993
Pigskin, smooth cowhide and pigskin-grained cowhide
Hermes Creations Archive Collection

Disassembled Tarais saddle, 2010
Natural gold calfskin, natural cowhide, carbon fibre and titanium
Hermes Collection

Room 4 - Time Balance

 Time Balance sculpto
Night after night, the top span and danced on the table to the rhythm of a beating heart, tracing its circle with the precisio, patience and pace of the second hand on a clockface.

Les Inversables, Circa 1930
Chrome and glass
An unspillable port service for ten glasses. The service can be tipped in any direction the empty or full glasses remain upright. Patented by Hermes.
Hermes Creations Archive Collection

Port glasses, Circa 1930
The sides of the glasses, and especially the base, are very thick, giving each piece a low centre of gravity that prevents it from tipping over.
Hermes Creations Archive Collection 

Bleu d'Ailleurs
American dinner plate
Blue and white porcelain
Designer Arielle de Brichambaut
Hermes Collection 

Bleu d'Ailleurs
Bread and butter plate
Blue and white porcelain
Designer Arielle de Brichambaut
Hermes Collection

Bleu d'Ailleurs
Large bowls
Porcelain, in four patterns
Designer Arielle de Brichambaut
Hermes Collection 

Coffee spoon
Grey solid steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Table fork
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Pastry fork
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Table knife
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Pastry knife
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas 
Hermes Collection 

Water glass
Crystal and indigo crystal 
Hermes Collection 

Champagne flute
Blue crystal
Saint-Louis Collection 

Spirit carafe
Designer Hilton McConnico 

Room 5 - Stroke of Time

Parrot made of leather in cage

Pixel cat face made from different kind of leathers

Room 6 - Imaginary Time

Goldfish bowl filled with water and light

Escape into the imaginary for a moment, take a seat and dedicated a moment of sharing.

Room 7 - The Gift of Time

Beneath the branches of an ageless tree, after thousands of years of deep though, time concluded that there were no end.

This room feature Hermes small leather goods and accessories.

Hermes scarf

Hermes organizer

Hermes bag and gloves

Hermes accessories

Hermes would like to thank:

Hilton McConnico
Dream, concept and design

Roland Soetaert
First assitant

Michel Pounoussamy
Sound and lighting design

Achay Doan
Special effects

Michel Benita

Mirific & Artigo
Set contruction

Visionnaire pte Ltd
Local production

Old school mini food stall are set up beside the railway track

 Orange train carriage cabins for dinning purpose

Tanjong Pagar Railway Track 2012


KTM Railway Station Landscape

Was uploading photo onto Instagram

KTM Railway Station (Night)

More about KTM Railway Station on Wikipedia
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