Choose your shopping experience is Singapore’s premium online entertainment shopping website, offering you the latest in technological and lifestyle products and services at the best possible prices to suit all shoppers. Consumer can also expect to see items that they may not find in other online stores.

This September I have been invited by OMY to soft launch at Robertson Walk, Hummerstons a trendy Restaurant & Bar. With the all new sold sg there are 2 new e-commerce channel added to their site now you can choose your shopping experience, from auctions to shop or on-sales! Get the best deals at the best prices.

My guest of the day: Zhi Xiong

Some of the food they serve, it's time to eat and mingle and meet new blogger friends.

Scan your eyes across the product they have *.*

and more gadgets for gadgets lover like me ^^

These are the new people I met and people I catch up with. site has undergone a complete redesign with a sophisticated new user interface.

Consumer can view the navigation and find out which auctions are ending soon, which product are selling quickly and what's on sales easily.

Want the thrill of the chase, that competitive edge or the excitement of bidding? You’ll get that and more at Auctions.
Even if you are not interested in any of their item you still can bid for more token at a cheaper rate compared to purchasing.

A huge variety of gadgets, games, fashion and accessories are placed on sale daily. Like something you see? Or you are the busy shopaholic? Make an instant purchase at Shop!

They also have daily sales on their Sales site, those limited quantity items are awesome deals, often heavily discounted, and sell very quickly so don’t miss out!
Remember to register as a member so that you can view their sales item price.

Door gift, USB LED Rose Lamp

I am one of the lucky winner for their lucky draw, I won a Staple Free Stapler by "made by human"
It is a environment saving staple that cuts out a tiny strip of paper and uses it to stitch pages together, no need any metal staple and create no paper waste. Indeed a very good design product.

Look at the sheets that are stitched together, I get a great and unique design that no one has.

Have a greater understanding of how auction works

Myth #1: employees bid on auctions to keep them going. 
Fact: has a strict company policy prohibiting employees, and their immediate family members, from bidding on all auctions. 

Myth #2: Some of the users are fake; utilizes bidding robots to keep auctions going. 
Fact: does NOT employ any bidding bots or other software of this type. They do nothing to alter the outcome of their auctions – period. 

Myth #3: Winners at are not real people. 
Fact: has conducted many auctions that argue to the contrary. Every auction is won by a registered user. 

Myth #4: makes obscene amounts of money on every auction. 
Fact: They are a business and are in business to earn a profit. Their business is one where some auctions generate high profits, but many of our auctions do not.

Buy it now at up to 50% off your favourite gadgets and toys!

Take your time, explore your options and most importantly, have fun!