Talk about Competition, Driving Licence and Camera

An update about my life, sorry to all readers that I have not been updating recently and this might be one of my most wordy post EVER!
I am really occupied in my daily life, I had a peak performance training this week, just came back from camp on Thursday. You might want to know what is that camp about, let me explain.

It all began here, ASEAN Skills Competition 2012
I am on of the lucky one that have been selected to represent Singapore at the ASEAN Skills Competition 2012 that will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on November. I am currently undergoing training to prepare myself for the competition. I even need to go back to school everyday for training during holidays.

Country that will also be participating are:
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines

The peak performance training is a team building camp which help to bond different trade together, we also attended workshop that motivate and groom us further.

I will not reveal what trade am I in until the competition day ;) I will also be bringing my laptop over there and hopefully I can update you guys every night about the competition and my days in Jakarta.
Win or not just give me luck.

It was a hectic week, I had very little sleep during my days in camp although it was a relaxing one. The next day after my camp I still need to wake up very early and head to CDC to take my e-trail, after that still need to go back to school for training until 9pm.

I have joined ComfortDelGro Driving Centre as a student to take up my Driving licence.
I got enrol($150.00) on 3 August 2012 and book for Basic Theory Test($6.00) on 29 September 2012 also not forgetting that there are a $10.50 of GST charges. School membership is valid for 1 year and a renewal fee for $53.50 will be charge for every 6 month extensions.
FYI: I am taking Class 3 licence, can drive auto and manual car.

Before I got enrol I know nothing about what test and training are needed to go through to get a Driving licence. I don't even know how to travel there on my own. Most of the time my dad fetches me there and I will take a cab home. Today was the day for my Basic Theory Test, I am glad that I pass it in one try. All thanks to e-trail otherwise I won't be able to pass my test.

Just to let you know more about e-trial in-case you took the wrong route as me because I have no one to guide me along. I registered for an e-trial 2 days before I start my camp thinking that e-trial is only just a test and can be completed in 1 day. When I reach there and log into the system I am shock to see that there are 10 e-trail to be completed and I am only given a maximum of 45 minute to do each test, each session booked are given 1 hour in that room. I tried to do the test as fast as I can and manage to finish 2 test on that day. Later I went home to book for 2 more session of e-trial which was held yesterday morning, 2 e-trial = 2 hour and I manage to complete 80% of the test.

School learner are given free e-trial test session of 6 for Basic Theory and 6 for Final Theory if you are not free to pop by CDC you can also take up e-learning on CDC website, every learner is allowed up to a maximum of 15 hours of access time for the Basic Theory Test session and 20 hours of access time for the Final Theory Test session I did not do e-learning because I think that what they have there is already all written in to Basic Theory Test book.

After passing of Basic Theory Test I apply for Provisional Driving Licence($25.00) but I choose to do my Final Theory Test first, I booked them on 1 December 2012 so means I have around 2 more months to learn. Some of you might find the time too long but then I have no choice, I need to concentrate on my studies first because November is my exam and competition month I can't afford to fail my module. Maybe after exam then I will start taking my Provisional Driving Licence.

I also got my hands on Sony NEX-F3($949.00) starting of this month
I know many people sure will ask why not buy a DSLR it is better? That's not true, not everyone out there with a DSLR is a good photographer and will come out with the best quality image, if you get hold of the best camera but your photography skill is so-so even a picture coming out from a point-and-shoot camera can win you. 

The reason for getting this camera:
  • Basically this is a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera(MILC), what caught my eye was the 180°Flip-up LCD Screen that can let me have a better self portrait.
  • MILC carries CMOS sensor which is equivalent to DSLR sensor and because of that it produce high quality image.
  • In the term "Interchangeable Lens" it has the same flexibility as a DSLR which gives you option to change the camera lens. Without the mirror system the lenses can be placed closer to the sensor, this means that the body is smaller and high quality lenses do not have to be as big as those in DSLRs.
  • There is no viewfinder but I don't use them often, now I think I may need it but fear not they have accessories like OLED electronic viewfinders($499). 
  • It is lighter, smaller and more compact than a DSLR I feel that it is great for me. I love my camera being portable because I'm afraid of carrying heavy things. I may ended up being tired and don't have the mood to shoot after carrying a bags of heavy stuff.
  • Build in flash, even with the build in flash I feel like getting a bounce flash which will make myy life easier :/
Almost similar to a DSLR right? It's the size that matter, if you want to look like a professional and don't mind carrying something heavy then get a DSLR instead it's your preference. Because of the portable-ness a MILC may cost more than a DSLR. Make up your mind, get what you need and not to impress. You can impress by taking a very good shot using a not-very-good camera, people will surely be impress thinking that you are using a very good camera for that shoot.

Some of my test shoot taken using Sony NEX-F3 18-55mm Zoom Lens:

Monochrome effect
Photo taken: Home
Indirect flash used
Photo taken: Home
Retro effect
Photo taken: Home
Under my bed, flash used in a low light room
Photo taken: Home
Indirect flash used
Photo taken: Home
Indirect flash used
Photo taken: Home
Pop Colour effect
Photo taken: Neighbourhood area
Indirect flash
Photo taken: Little Pancake
Indirect flash
Photo taken: Little Pancake