Just Roaming

Woke up late today! My plan to visit Mint Museum of Toy and dinner at Mr.Punch is gone, ever wanted to go there since 2009 but too bad their museum close at 6.30pm daily. I did some research while I was on my way there so I thought why not visit the Malay Heritage Centre? And I took a train to Bugis, actually wanted to take a cab there from Bugis but I thought of walking so I can explore more place and take more pictures.

How I know the more I walk the further I am

When I reached Lavender MRT I started to think that is something wrong, I must be taking the wrong route. End up still hire a cab.

Here I am, the Malay Heritage Centre

Sadly when I reach there their museum is already closed, they close at 6pm so the only thing I can do is roam around that area to take photo. Anyway my aim for today is taking photograph so I don't lose anything coming here. After awhile Zeliang came to look for me.

Night view of Malay Heritage Centre

Headed towards Sultan Mosque as I wanted to take a picture of this beautiful building.

While walking I saw this Robot outside a merchandise called Children Little Museum and it attracted me to go inside and take a look.

I have seen Children Little Museum in Google Maps before but I never thought that it was a museum filled with old toy I still thought it was a museum meant for kids.Children Little Museum was hidden within Bussorah Street which is nearby the Sultan Mosque. Why do I say that is was hidden? It was blended in with other the merchandise store! Seriously saying, what had attracted me is still the Robot LOL I never thought that I would be in a place that I never wanted to go which I see in a map.

Jukebox, it has been years since I saw this

The museum is not too big, just a normal size of a street shop you usually see but there are 2 level. 1st level are selling merchandise and the 2nd level is the museum. A uncle in the museum approach us and keep asking us to go up and take a look, he said photography is allow and we only need to pay $2 to go up.

My thought: It is only $2 why not? And it is an option for Mint Museum of Toys.

So we decided to go up, I will go up if I know it is a museum even if the uncle didn't ask.

Pathway with robots and toy shelf up on the wall

This is what you see on the wall when you open the door to 2nd level

A paranomal photo stitch for a quick glance of the 2nd level.

Other than photography is allowed inside we also have freedom of exploring because we can touch everything that was displayed and there's no one to stop us.

Guestbook for anyone to sign/write on.

The place was small but it was filled with almost everything, they even make used of the space on the wall.

Bookstore! I still remember it was the favourite place to visit during primary school and I must buy at least something everyday.

Typewriter, I have never tried using this even thought I have seen it before.

Olden days Baby Pram, look kinda normal to me.

Spot that TLR and Lomo Camera which is still trendy now.

Drink stall that also sell Ice ball

This is the film machine used to play movie if I am not wrong

Toy provision shop!

When my dad saw this photo he started asking where do I find all these because it can hardly be seen nowadays.


Look at that bear tricycle! Why don't I have it during my days?!

The drink stall

The entrance/exit of 2nd level

Their backyard, this place is very warm!

Vespa, sorry for the picture quality because there are people in my way so I have to shoot it quickly.

Picture below are all quick snap shop, reason is they are closing and I need to get out fast so I snap what I see.

Have never came across a Jackpot machine looking like this in my life.

Miniature figures that look like The Smurf to me

I feel that Children Little Museum is a great place for both adult, children and people who love visiting museum.

When we exited I saw a cool street ahead so I walked inside, they are all eateries.

I haven't thought of anything to eat until a lady approach me to look at their menu, instead of patronizing them I decided to dine in at the shop beside them called "Sarang" that shop was quite new, it open during national day.

Ordered Coke and Cranberry juice, the Calamansi juice was on the house. I personally prefer the Calamansi juice, I feel that the Cranberry juice was too sour for me.

Sarang Spaghetti
Beef mixed with Onion 

Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread
I love their Garlic Bread, best I've ever tasted! I definitely will go back someday. 

This was also Beef mixed with Onion, didn't know we order two of the same thing.

Malay Heritage Centre
85 Sultan Gate
Singapore 198501
Phone: 6391 0450
Children Little Museum
24 Burossa Street
Singapore 199460
Phone: 6298 2713
Operating Hours: 10.30am - 10.00pm daily