I am so obsessed with horoscope lately, most of the time I will read about other people horoscope just to understand their personality better. When I went to read up on myself "Sagittarius" I found out that my birthstone is Turquoise. Just nice I need a new body jewellery and have no idea what to buy so I thought why not get something related to me. I order a belly ring from US 2 week ago and receive it today, kind of love it as this is my first time wearing a gemstone.

This is a real turquoise belly button ring. Turquoise is a known as the purification stone. It protects against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere; Turquoise gemstones are worn to dispel negative energy.

There are many other healing properties of Turquoise, I hope after wearing it I will have good luck and good health ^^