The Art Of The Brick

Horray~ I am here at Art Science Museum again, hmm so what's my plan today?

Please watch this short animated film before you start reading this post:

The Art of the Brick exhibition, it was one of CNN's Top 10 Global Must See Exhibitions.

After watching the short animated film I gain more knowledge about Lego, a month before the exhibition has started I received a MBS Newsletter stating that Art Science Museum will have a Lego exhibits. You know I love to visit museum to see the exhibits, at that moment I was so excited to go and take a look at the exhibits and today I finally got the time to go there together with Maoqi.

There are 8 area for you to explore Nathan Sawaya creation.



At The Artist Studio kids can build their own lego art using their own creativity


An interactive application at The Portrait Gallery using ipad to create a mosaic portrait of yourself 

On our way to The Emotion Box...

Dinosaur Skeleton
Made using 80020 bricks

Art Science Museum

They also have a retail shop where you can purchase t-shirts, books, keychain, etc.

Tried out two of the Art of Play activity corner:

Reflexology path
Everyone will enjoy this new take on reflexology where visitors can walk over bricks of different shapes and sizes.

Play and build area
Visitors can sit down and build to their hearts content. Bricks of different colours and sized will be provided.

My incomplete workpiece

Maoqi's boat

After the exhibitions we went Bugis+ for dinner

Chargrill Salmon Fillet + Mash Potato + Mac & Cheese

Kiwi Strawberry Snapple

Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956
6688 8868
10am - 10pm (Last admissinon at 9pm)

Warning: The Art of the Brick exhibition contains strobe lighting and smoke effects.
For more information visit

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!