CNY walk along Chinatown

Few day ago I pass by Chinatown and just nice I bought my camera out along with me, I was alone and have nothing to do so I think why not take a walk along the street stall to feel the Chinese New Year atmosphere. If you know I can't celebrate festive season including my birthday for 3 years due to my grandmother passed away. But everything will resume in May 2013, I can start celebrating my birthday this year and Chinese New Year on 2014. But I don't really like it when my birthday pass because when I am 1 year older means my parent is also 1 year older, they will get sick and must stop working as they aged.

Didn't know there are flavoured peanut too, heard it is for a limited time only.

Walking down the street stall is quiet fun, there are samples of Chinese new year goodies for you to try. I saw a lot stall selling food from Taiwan. There are also friendly vendors that will invite you to try their food. I think you all should visit there before they close down which is before Chinese New Year.

While taking pictures I walked pass a stall selling fruits. I saw this weird shaped pear and started feeling curious, I want to buy it home to try the taste so I ask them how does it taste like. I asked "Is this fruit sweet or sour?" the aunty look at me with a question mark face telling me "This is not for eating" so ask asked "What is it for?" and she answered "This is a "húlú (葫芦)" it is meant for decorations" 

This photo was taken 2 days after my solo visit, it was my first time trying out long exposure photography. Will do better next time!

I'm here wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!
I hope both studies and work goes well for everyone.