Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Was invited to a movie preview yesterday by OMY to watch a Thai horror movie called Countdown.

In this Thai thriller set in New York City, three rich kids want to throw a New Year's Eve party in their apartment. They call up a drug dealer, an American guy called Jesus. When Jesus arrives the countdown bash turns into a psychological game that involves violence and torture.

“In my 1st feature film I explore how people try to fulfill their desires every New Year’s by making wishes. All of us have some kind of New Year’s resolution that they hope they will be able to fulfill so that they can become a better person. But you know what they say, "be careful what you wish for?”
- Nattawut Poonpiriya (Bas)

Patchara Chirathivat (Peach) as “Jack”
A rich kid who lies to his parents that he has been studying in NYU but actually has been spending all the money just for fun.

Pattarasaya Kruesuwansiri (Peak) as “Pam”
A sexy outgoing room mate who buys all the material things just to get attention from others.

Jarinporn Joonkiat (Toey) as “Bee”
Jack’s girlfriend who has never told anyone what is the real reason why she is here in NYC.

David Audsawanon (เดวิด อัศวนนท์) as "Jesus"
“Welcome to the night of your life!”

The 3 friends want to have a New Year Eve party to remember, so Jack calls Jesus(drug dealer) to drop off some stuff to their apartment so they can celebrate the end of the year in style. They actually don’t know Jesus that well and don’t really know his background. However, his visit that night will change their lives forever.

(M18/Violence, drug use and coarse language)
Movie release date: 21 February 2013






They are counting down without knowing for sure that their new day is going to be waiting for them…. 

CNY walk along Chinatown

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Few day ago I pass by Chinatown and just nice I bought my camera out along with me, I was alone and have nothing to do so I think why not take a walk along the street stall to feel the Chinese New Year atmosphere. If you know I can't celebrate festive season including my birthday for 3 years due to my grandmother passed away. But everything will resume in May 2013, I can start celebrating my birthday this year and Chinese New Year on 2014. But I don't really like it when my birthday pass because when I am 1 year older means my parent is also 1 year older, they will get sick and must stop working as they aged.

Didn't know there are flavoured peanut too, heard it is for a limited time only.

Walking down the street stall is quiet fun, there are samples of Chinese new year goodies for you to try. I saw a lot stall selling food from Taiwan. There are also friendly vendors that will invite you to try their food. I think you all should visit there before they close down which is before Chinese New Year.

While taking pictures I walked pass a stall selling fruits. I saw this weird shaped pear and started feeling curious, I want to buy it home to try the taste so I ask them how does it taste like. I asked "Is this fruit sweet or sour?" the aunty look at me with a question mark face telling me "This is not for eating" so ask asked "What is it for?" and she answered "This is a "húlú (葫芦)" it is meant for decorations" 

This photo was taken 2 days after my solo visit, it was my first time trying out long exposure photography. Will do better next time!

I'm here wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!
I hope both studies and work goes well for everyone.
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