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Monetize Effortlessly

Hey yo! As a student I don't have much time to go out and work but I wish to earn extra income, not sure how many of you are interested to earn extra money but today I am here to share with you several method I use to earn money online. I know nobody wants to waste time on useless sharing website or clicking on link which claim that you can earn but then after 2 years you still gain nothing, after trying out different monetize website here are some trustable ones: ( Please use the link I provided to access the webpage, thank you ) Insinc Insinc is an website that gives Incentives for Singapore's Commuters use the MRT or LRT. You can easily earn cash rewards just by travelling. I feel that I can earn effortlessly with Insinc, I shall rate this the best monetize website ever! Link: Require: CEPAS / EzLink card ChurpChurp Be the first to know the latest trends happening on social media, sign up and be a part of the community. Share

New breakfast choices

National Breakfast Day  that was held 2 week ago was a success! McDonald's had bought in more breakfast choices, thanks to I am invited to the food tasting and had the chance to try Strawberry/Hot fudge Hotcakes and Chicken Muffin. Strawberry/Hot fudge Hotcakes Have a sweet start to your day with fluffy Hotcakes, now available with two brand new toppings – strawberry or hot fudge. It is simply pure indulgence! The strawberry or hot fudge hotcakes breakfast meals are available for $5.50 (price listed is not applicable at iFly and via McDelivery).  I love the Chicken Muffin so much because I am a cheese and mayonaise lover :P Chicken Muffin Deliciously tender chicken crisped to perfection in a soft toasted muffin with cheese, enjoyed with a golden hash brown, and our new richer, bolder premium roast coffee.  The Chicken Muffin Breakfast Meal is available for $4 (price listed is not applicable at iFly and via McDelivery).  I also receive a compl

Tatty Marsh

Tatty Marsh is the official stockist in Singapore for Cath kidston, Susie Watson, Emma Bridgewater and other 28 brands all imported from the UK. Shopping for your home or buying a gift? This would be the one stop store for you if you are looking for sweet, beautiful and vintage things or furniture. Victoria Currie bought Tatty Marsh into Singapore in 2010. Due to her long-standing relationship with suppliers and leading designer she has been able to bring reputed companies from UK to Singapore. Below is a preview of what Tatty Marsh have in store: Boxes and more boxes for gift Teapot Holder Photo frame Bangle Earring and bracelet Bracelets This clutches caught my eye *hint hint* Bath towel Casing for phone and glasses Flora cup, as sweet as you Ultra big size match stick Cutlery  Clock Boxes, perhaps for your letter? Drinks coaster in book design Spot the baseball door stopper

Athens Salon Serangoon

Yesterday before attending an interview and a blogger event I went Athens Salon to fix my hair, my first impression of the salon when I stepped in was "Glamours", will take a picture of it the next time I visit to show you all. I had a hair cut and did styling curls, I love how the stylist curl my hair that make it look so bouncy and everything was done in less than a hour as I was rushing for time. Stylist: Stephy Exclusive for my readers: Quote "Serene Koh" to get 10% off all service Athens Salon 8A Maju Avenue Serangoon Garden Singapore 556686 Phone: 62852101 / 62852102 Facebook: Website:

National Breakfast Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you love breakfast? Do you eat breakfast because it is a must? or without breakfast you won't get out of your bed? Here is really exciting news that gives you another reason for you to have breakfast, early risers are going to get FREE Egg McMuffins! In conjunction with National Breakfast Day, a regional McDonald’s initiative, the good people at McDonald’s would like you to enjoy a hearty Egg McMuffin to kickstart your day on 18 March. Each participating restaurant will be giving away 1,000 free Egg McMuffins to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. A total of more than 100,000 free Egg McMuffins will be given out island-wide, and a total of some five million Egg McMuffins will be given away in Asia, the Middle East and Africa! When: 18 March 2013 (next Monday) Where: At 121 McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore Time: 5 – 10am Click here to find out more about the participating outlets A

Bugis+ Food Trail

Calling all food lovers~ Out for a meal but don't know where and what to eat? Read this post now! I am sure that you will find something suitable. Be it Chinese, Japanese, Korea, Western, Snacks or even Desserts, you can find them all here. Last Saturday I was invited by to Bugis+ for a food trail with other blogger. We visited a total of 11 restaurant and ate non-stop for 6 hours. I request a big kowtow to us please! Haha, I shall say no more and let's get started. Click on the restaurant name to read more. Taipei Station Taipei Station is a Taiwanese popular street food and fragrant bubble tea shop with authentic recipes from taiwan. Taste Taipei today! Laksania Laksania means Laksa Only, this is my 2nd time eating at Laksania. Everything they serve has laksa in their ingredient. Crystal Jade C-Jade HK Café In Photo credit to Crystal Jade C-Jade HK Café In Rocku Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill Always wanted to try this restaurant beca

Marble Slab Creamery

Country Waffle Set ($13,80) Red Velvet & Double Dark Ice Cream topped with fudge Available in other sizes too: Kiddy,  3oz 1 flavours - $4.50 Original, 6oz 2 flavours - $7.00 Big Dipper, 9oz 3 flavours -  $9.50 Blackberry Crumble Original size ($9.00)  Blackberry Ice Cream mixed with Blackberries, Granola and Marshmallow Creme Blackberry Crumble Original Size ($9.00) Blackberry Ice Cream mixed with Blackberries, Granola and Marshmallow Creme Willy Wonka Original Size ($9.00) Double Dark Ice Cream mixed with Chocolate Chips and Fudge Available in other sizes too: Kiddy, 3oz 1 flavours - $6.50 Original, 6oz 2 flavours - $9.00 Big Dipper, 9oz 3 flavours - $11.50 The Freshly Baked Waffle Bowls: Plain - $1.00 Chocolate Dipped - $1.30  Chocolate dipped and rolled with peanuts/sprinkles -  $1.50 Marble Slab Creamery also have other delectable frozen desserts such as gourmet milkshakes, ice cream cakes and sundaes e