Monetize Effortlessly

Hey yo! As a student I don't have much time to go out and work but I wish to earn extra income, not sure how many of you are interested to earn extra money but today I am here to share with you several method I use to earn money online.
I know nobody wants to waste time on useless sharing website or clicking on link which claim that you can earn but then after 2 years you still gain nothing, after trying out different monetize website here are some trustable ones:
(Please use the link I provided to access the webpage, thank you)

Insinc is an website that gives Incentives for Singapore's Commuters use the MRT or LRT. You can easily earn cash rewards just by travelling.
I feel that I can earn effortlessly with Insinc, I shall rate this the best monetize website ever!

Require: CEPAS / EzLink card

Be the first to know the latest trends happening on social media, sign up and be a part of the community. Share ChurpChurp preferred brand stories and get rewarded for it at the same

Require: Twitter or Instagram

Gush Ad
Tweet, Follow, Rate, Download applications, Share and Do Survey to earn.
Other than withdrawing the money you earn, you can shop and spend the money in your gush wallets on your favourite brand, exchange for voucher from stores like Starbucks, Forever21, TheBodyShop, Sephora and even Capitalands voucher and more!

Require: Twitter or Klout or None

Do you like being the first to share latest movies, games, events, contests, news and videos with your friend?
If yes, get paid cash for sharing trending news!

Require: Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIN or Google+

Read on how to save money

You don't need to work hard to earn money online, you just need to do it when you are free :) Good luck!
More monetize website will be up soon, do bookmark this page and check back.