Month of May

Hey readers! Sorry for the lack of updates, since today is a Sunday and I am home feeling bored so why not update my blog? Exam is just around the corner and studies has become my first priority for the time being so I have to neglect my blog for awhile hehe. There is a lot for me to catch up in studies because I am the "very-last-minute-girl" I would rest and relax myself as much as I could and won't do something until I really need to, I am also a very lazy girl that need supervision and encouragement in order for me to complete something successfully unless I have interested in it. How I wish I can be independently hard-working like any other people.

Another reason for not updating is that my blog has become so public and I find it awkward to actually share some of my personal thoughts here when I don't even know who is reading O.O

Honestly saying, I wish move on to another part of my life quickly. I am getting bored here :( ok it's time for me to study, see you soon at my next update~

Favourite photo of me in the month of May:
Credit to Oh Wei Siang

Best photo I've taken in the month of May: