Outdoor shoot

Today weather was really against me, went to school in the morning for photography workshop and the classroom air-con was not on and I felt SO STUFFY!
During the outdoor shoot we went over to Fort Canning Park, the weather was so hot that it made me SWEAT and I got bitten by numerous of mosquito arghhh!!
Parent decide to dine out, I felt myself smelly so I went home to have a quick shower to and prepare for dinner. Just nice when I leave my home it started to RAIN and I got drench while trying to board the taxi. Let's take it that I missed the songkran celebration so heaven gave me another celebration.

OK Enough of my ranting, let's take a look at the photo I took during the outdoor shoot:

This is a group photo of the participants for 16 hour photography workshop, left and right corner are the trainer.

(Credit to Mr Oh)
This is IR Photography, I will get the hang of it soon :P

Later I went over to Athens Salon for a hair cut:

I look so much younger right?