Ju Dian BBQ 聚点

How many of you love Chinese delicacies? Hmm, for me I don't really eat chinese food that often but during today visit I have tried many dishes that I never tried before.

If you did notice I am wearing the outfit as my Plugfest 2013 post, not I never change clothes ok! I actually came to Ju Dian and meet up with other bloggers to have my lunch after the Plugfest competition.

I quite like the theme of this shop, the most awesome thing is that their operation hour is from 11:00AM to 2:00AM so if you are tired while walking along Chinatown you can drop by this shop to have a beer or order some snacks and chill with your friends.

P.S Find authentic China dishes here, the owner is from China too ^^

Watermelon Juice
As the weather is hot and they serve many different kind of fresh juices, from mango to strawberry and etc. So I ordered watermelon juice

Ice Lemon Tea

Duck Salad $10.80
I love this dish the most, it is healthy and it has one of my favourite meat in it. This dish really made a good starter.

Hot & Sour Soup $8.80
A bit reluctant to order this soup because I am afraid it would be very spicy, after trying I realise this soup is actually not as spicy as I thought and it taste good

Grilled Scallops $15.80/4pcs
These scallops are topped with vermicelli 

Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs $19.80

Kung Pao Chicken $12.80

Dry Fried French Beans $8.80
You should try this if you are not a vegetable eater like me, I think it taste good and crispy~

Pork Roll With Cucumber In Garlic Sauce $8.80
Great dish but kind of salty for me

Crispy Pork Slices $18.80

Toffee Apple $8.80
This could be the one unique dessert I have ever seen, scroll down to find out more.

Warm apple is coated with honey

Just pick one up and dip it into the bowl of ice water. Very tasty but too sweet for me

Xiang Guo Li La Pte Ltd
No.14 Smith Street, Singapore 058928
Telephone: +65 6222 5166
Fax: + 65 6222 5167
Email: xiangguolila@gmail.com