Batam Trip

Day 1

Had our very first get away during the June term break, it was our first visit to Batam. We stayed at Turi Beach Resort for 3 days 2 nights.

Turi Beach Resort was around 30 minute away from Singapore and located at the North-East part of Batam Island, we took Wavemaster ferry which departed from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Singapore and arrive at Nongsa Ferry Terminal Batam.

Upon reaching Nongsa Ferry Terminal Batam we board onto a bus which transfer us to Turi Beach Resort.

We've got a beautiful room which I did not manage to get a picture of it, right after check-in we went out for shopping. We booked a car which cost 450,000Rp from afternoon to night. The driver bring us to some of the the popular shopping mall located in Batam such as Batam Mega Mall, Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre and Batam City Square. Did not have enough time to shop at Batam City Square because most of the shop close at 9pm. Other than that we had our 1hour(or 1hour30min, I have forgotten) Full Body Indothai Massage at Nagoya hill that cost us 220,000Rp each which is less than $30sgd, totally worth it!

Had our dinner at Golden Prawn, we spend around 400,000Rp+ on food. Ordered some crabs, fishes and prawns, ways of cooking the dish and selection of seafood are mainly chosen by us. If you are planning to visit here do remember to bring a incest repellent with you else you would be prey for the fellow mosquito.

Day 2

Balcony with beach facing view

Planned to do water sports this day but we woke up with a rainy weather and when the rain has stopped it is already too late for the water activities to be carry out so instead we went for another massage session, this time we done a full body oil massage located in the resort we are staying.

This evening we booked a car to bring us out for dinner, charges was the same 450,000Rp from evening till night. As I said Turi Beach is at the North-East part of Batam Island that's why we need to book the car for such a long timing. 1 hour+ is needed to travel thru and fro from Turi Beach to the City.

I was craving for Japanese food so the driver bring us to a place called "Kazu Restaurant" it was one of the high end Japanese Restaurant in Batam located at Nagoya Hill. Our dinning area is a private tatami room and we spend over $100sgd on that meal, the food was so-so only and price written on menu is in Singapore dollar, just imagine if we did not have enough cash with us.

Day 3

Thinking to do water sports this morning but plan almost went wrong! Weather was great today but because of low tide the timing to start water sports is very near to our check-out time.

Took a stroll along the board walk after we had our breakfast while waiting for the time to past.

While walking on the beach we spot something EWWWWW!












An octopus on the shore!!!

Sadly I only bring my prime lens out else I could get a better picture of it.

We walked on the rocks and spotted many shell on it

Last but not least before leaving the resort we manage to play the water sports, we played Jet skiing and Parasailing but didn't manage to take pictures during the activity. Rates of recreational facilities can be found here.

Accomodation, 2 way ferry, land transfer and 60min massage in the resort are a deal bought from groupon. I hope this post will help 1st timer who are choosing Batam or Turi Beach Resort as their travelling location.

Our trip did not just end here, click here to read on...


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    1. Nope, those are non-living things. Unsure what is it.

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