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Batam Trip 2

Day 1

One month later during school term we bought a ticket to batam again! This time we went there for 2 days and stayed in the city area.

The ferry we took this time is Sindo Ferry which will depart from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to Batam City Ferry Terminal.

I was procrastinating and we missed our ferry, we then had to pay another sum of money to take the next ferry that were schedule on that day.

There is a slight drizzle when we are about to leave Singapore

Upon reaching Batam City Ferry Terminal after clearing the custom we were picked up by a guy sending us to join the group tour because we were late. 

Our first stop is to Sawadika located at Nagoya for foot reflexology, for the space design I still prefer the one we visited on our previous trip. If I didn't remember wrongly we were charged $10sgd per person for foot reflexology at Sawadika.

After Sawadika we headed to Golden Prawn for lunch which were also part of our tour. Not forgetting to mention, there is a Bird Nest shop located in Golden Prawn, you can ordered Bird Nest shoup and enjoy it with your meal at Golden Prawn.

Were bought to Golden Factory Outlet after lunch, this store sells authentic Polo Ralph Lauren product much cheaper than Singapore. They carry other brand like A&F, Hollister, SuperDry etc too but unsure of it authenticity so did not make any purchase.

In the bus on our way to the next location~

Reached a home based factory selling kueh lapis.

We bought a half normal kueh lapis sharing another half with one of the aunty who were on the same tour as us.

When on the road during red traffic we see some beggar walking around asking for money, some are still healthy and able to walk while some have sickness which are unable to work.

Next stop is the Chocolate House

They carry many different brands of chocolate

Chocolate House was the last stop for our tour, were being send back to our hotel afterwards and we are own our own.

Had our dinner at Gadeno New York Pizza & Steak, what I can say is their service is not to my expectation. I am dead hungry and they too so long to serve us, hmpf!

I don't really like tomato base spaghetti because most that I have tried is awful, I ordered this because of the salmon and it did impress me. Noodles is soft and sauce is just right, thumbs up for them! 

Avocado juice is a common drink in Batam, I can see it almost everywhere and I love it~

When for a little shopping after that, we walked the whole Batam City Square mall and I only bought a top. Then ordered room service at night because my baby boy is hungry.

Day 2

Good morning people! Today is our last and 2nd day in Batam, gonna check out at noon and head back to Singapore.

This is the view from our hotel

Forget to mention that we are staying at The BCC Hotel & Residence, it is just a few minute walk to Batam City Square. During this trip we really save a lot of money on transportation.

Had our buffet breakfast in the hotel, this is the porridge I custom make for myself.

After check-out before coming back to Singapore I shop a little more at Batam City Square, today I bought more clothing because of the left over cash. Batam City Square is like the Bugis street/Far east plaza in Singapore, they have a supermarket there too.

From there we took a taxi to Batam City Ferry Terminal which cost us 60,000Rp the driver said it was their standard fixed price, the trip take around 15min.

Have you read the post on my beach getaway at Batam Turi Beach?
All pictures are taken by phone as I did not bring my camera along with me.

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