Bifesta Makeup Cleansing Sheets

While I was stocking up my skin care I came across this product that can Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise at the same time with just one wipe so I decided to try it out. Never thought that I would blog about this product but after one wipe I decided that I have to share this.

Bifesta Makeup Cleansing Sheets (Moist)


Lid that are not secure enough would cause the sheets to be dry up. I somehow prefer this lid than those stick on ones, this kind of lid is more secure and would retain the moisture of the cleansing wipe.

Sheet facts

I must say this product is great to bring along for swimming and camping as I always spend a lot of time on skin care.

Packaging on shelf

Bought this from Watson at $15.90 contain 47 sheets

Available in Normal to Dry skin (contain Ceramide-like that moisturises skin)
and Combination to Oily skin (contain Witch Hazel that will minimize the pores)

So far this is the best cleansing wipe I have ever tried.