Campus Game Fest 2013 (Day1)

Today mark the first day of CAMPUS GAME FEST & COMIFEST 2013, Game Fest is a three days and two nights game festival that joint collaboration between the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Singapore's Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA).

Proud to be in ITE which I get a chance to join the Cosplay Photography and Videography competition, today was the first day of competition and also my very first time getting close up to Cosplayer. During the competition Canon camera is sponsored for us to take pictures and video.

Camera that are sponsored are the Canon Powershot series which include G1X, G16, Powershot N, S110, SX510HS and SX260HS.

But then.... we are not allowed to choose the camera nor the cosplayer to shoot, to play it fair we are require to draw lots.

Cosplayer are all getting themselves ready while waiting for the event to get started

After the briefing is done and we are all ready to set off, one restriction is we are only allowed to shoot in the school. That is a +1 difficulties for all of us as the campus only got limited places to shoot and teams from other college might not be familiar with the place.

Photos from Canon Powershot G16 - $699

Most of the photographer that took part in the Cosplay Photography and Videography Competition owns a DSLR(I am not one of them). Powershot G16 functions is almost similiar to a DSLR just that the body is more compact and this new G series comes with build-in WiFi which allows you to sync your photo into your phone and upload onto the social media more conveniently. 

Visit the Campus Game Fest today and receive close beta key, plush toys and many other goodies from the game booth.

Get overnight and all day grandstand access at only $5/day

Game Fest 2013 will be filled with a day full of activities and performances.

Free seating spectator seat are also available in-case you want to rest or watch players compete in their games from the big screen.

Superhero's costume collections on display! By looking at this I feel like dressing up as SuperWomen for one day and my boyfriend as SuperMan haha, that is once in a life time fun thing to do.

She is one of the short-listed Cosplayer in the Cosplay competition dressing as Doraemon

Wooooo~ A cute air balloon standing in the middle of no where near the entrance to Game Fest 2013

In-case you can't find the venue for Campus Game Fest 2013, it is located right at the very end of the school near the Orange block.

M Star

Cosplayer are welcome too, doesn't matter if you are taking part in the competition or not you still can Cosplay in this event.

Photos from Canon Powershot SX510HS - $399

Selling point for this Powershot is that they have 30x optical zoom and a full manual control, what I like about this camera is that their lowest ISO is 80. This is also the camera we got from the drawing of lots, which means that we are using this to compete with the other teams.

A sport photographer did a demonstration to us on how to use a Powershot SX510HS as we are not really familiar with the camera so he shown us how fast we can capture motion with the camera high shutter speed setting.

On my hand I am holding a Powershot N, will talk about it later in this post.

This is my favourite shot taken from Powershot SX510HS due to the lighting.

He is the Cosplayer we are assign to during this moring shot from drawing of lots.

One of the short listed Cosplayer

At the outdoor area of Game Fest 2013 we saw something interesting and decided to try it out.

Say "Hi" to Samantha the red transporter, each of the transporter actually have got their own name. I am not crazy.

I remember myself asking "Who invented this?" not because I don't like the invention, is because it is amazing. It sense our standing position and control where to go just by sensing our body movement, but the scary thing is it only has 2 wheel.

Photos from Canon Powershot N - $399

Powershot N is the first camera Canon has product with creative filter, it has a very small body size around the size of your palm, a CMOS sensor, flash and WiFi! Now you see how amazing a small camera can be? With a large sensor that is the same size as DSLR means letting more light into your photograph means better quality photo.

Hua Jie my partner for this competition playing with the Powershot SX510HS

He is the sport photographer I talked about just now, he is now showing us how to take a selfie with the Powershot N. 

Below are the creative filter that are created out of randomness from the Powershot N, just press the shutter once and it will gives you 6 images from a photo with different cropping and filter:

One don't just simply walk pass me when I am taking pictures

Awesome isn't it? You can capture a moments of life even without knowing how or what to frame.

In Game Fest 2013 you also get to win yourself a Canon Powershot N (click here to read more)

To wrap things up I would like you to know that there are 2 more days left before the GameFest 2013 end which is 5th and 6th October 2013. Campus Game Fest will also host a series of Talks & Workshops over the 5th and 6th of October, for talk attendees they have a special bonus just for you! Register for the talks now and stand a chance to win 1 Xbox 360 console and 2 Xbox game titles on Saturday and Sunday.

Entry is free!

Photo in this entry are contribute by Oh Wei Siang and Soh Hua Jie.
Shoot by Canon Powershot G16, Powershot N and Powershot SX510HS with minimal level and contrast enhancement.