DIY: Elastic Hair Ties (Twistband)

About Twistband

Twistband are made of Fold-Over Elastic, unlike the traditional hair ties that hurt the head and wrist foldover elastic is a ultra soft and stretchy material that doesn't crease, pull or cause damage to hair. They are able to support any hairstyle and sleek to wear it on the wrist.

These are the retailing price for Twistband sold in our local Watson store

Why DIY?

One reason why I decided to DIY this is because I felt that it was too costly to purchase one at the retailing price and I wouldn't spend that kind of money even though I really want it so I decided to make some by myself at home at a cheaper price, all I need is the supplies. Why do I want a Twistband is because I am afraid that other elastic band would ruin my perm hair, on the other hand Twistband can add a twist to my outfit whether using it as a headband, hair ties or bracelet. What's more is you can't tell the difference between a real Twistband and a DIY one so why not do it my own. Below is a tutorial on how to create your own Twistband.

  • 5/8 inch foldover elastic trim
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Candle (optional)

Step 1: Measure out 8 inches of foldover elastic trim and cut it out

Step 2(optional): Use the candle flame to cauterize the edge

The flame melts the nylon surrounding the elastic strip and ensure that the edge will not fray.

Step 3: Fold the elastic with the “shiny” side facing out, take the two ends and tie an overhand knot

To make sure the loop is tight pull and tug the elastic from the inside of the twistband.

Tada~ now I have loads of  ready-to-wear Twistband!

Because it is so pretty I made a whole lots of them. I have actually bought more than what I need to give out to my blog readers, just by following these simple step this could be yours for FREE

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