A view of ITE student

It's Thursday! If you have been following up on my Cyber Wellness post I guess you might be curious that why it that post not appearing yesterday? I am sorry but Chapter 7 is the last chapter on my notes, I could do a few more post by myself on Cyber Wellness if you all like it, do comment and let me know.

As you know my exam is over, I will be heading to Bangkok with my boyfriend next week! In the meantime I am looking out for talents and events job so that I can have extra money to save and spend. I can't wait for my final result to be out because it will determine my future. I am not afraid to tell you that I am from ITE because ITE is just a stepping stone for me and also ITE doesn't stands for "It's The End", to me It's To Excel.

In my 2 years of ITE I have gain a lot of opportunities in life and had won numerous awards, without ITE I will not have the chance to showcase and find my true self.

These are my consideration after getting my result: (1 holds the highest priority)

  1. Local Polytechnic
  2. Full-time Job
  3. Private Diploma
  4. ITE Higher-Nitec
Everyone has a goal in their life, to some people they set goal to just to have a sense of accomplishment, to some people they do it for someone else.

For me? I can say that I am doing it for someone else or maybe doing it for my own future. My grandmother pass away not long after I get my N-Levels result, at that time she thought that I was in a local polytechnic but that fact is I am in ITE. Years ago I still do not know the importances of studies, I don't even know or care about grading because all my parent want to see is a "PASS" and they will be satisfied. 

Years ago I got GPA 1 for my first term, at the point of life I don't even know what is GPA and what is it for. After that term I quitted school, after another year I re-join back and quitted again, during that period of time I had accumulate quite a lot of work experiences in different trades. Until last year I joined back ITE, that was the time where I really take things studies seriously because I know that I am still young and working during my youth age cannot bring me anyway far, once people stop schooling all they can do is work for their entire life and I don't want my life to stop just there.

In my first term for last year in ITE I scored a GPA of 4, but it dropped gradually. In ITE NITEC there is a total of four term, to determine where are we able to go after ITE we need to see our overall GPA which consist of the accumulative GPA from the four term. 

Local Polytechnic

My overall GPA for the past three term is 3.4, to get into a local polytechnic in Singapore we need to have a minimum of 3.5 GPA. So...  to go to poly or not? It is not up to me who decided because I have already tired my best and given my all for my final exam. All I can do is to wait for my final result that will be out at the end of this month.

I really hope to get into a local polytechnic and have already chosen some course that I wanted to applied for and looking forward to it. I have confidence in myself but still.. there will still be times where I feel that can't make it. It will be the best if I can get into a local poly, even if I can't get into any it is still not the end of the world yet haha because there is still many alternative available.

Full-time Job

Yes, a full-time job! If I can't get into any local polytechnic then I shall just look for a job but then my learning journey will not just stop here. I will spend some time to work so that I can save up enough money for my further studies. When you can't get into a government school there's still a private school waiting for you, all you need is $$. At the meantime I will also have the money to buy anything I want.

Private Diploma

When I can't get into a local polytechnic this is where the money I have earned will come in handy. Unlike the local poly where I am restricted to choosing a related course which I have studied in ITE, in a private school I can choose to study other unrelated courses that I like.

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ITE Higher-Nitec

Hmmmm, to me this is not a very wise choice. For my GPA now I can already apply for a Higher-Nitec course but I wouldn't want to waste the time here because when I have completed my Higher-Nitec I will already be 21 or 22 years old and that doesn't guarantee me that I can get into a local polytechnic if I have completed my Higher-Nitec. Even if I have completed my Higher-Nitec, for the course will I get to choose in local polytechnic applying using Higher-Nitec certificate will differ from applying a local polytechnic course using my NITEC certificate AND for the course in local polytechnic using my Higher-Nitec certificate to apply will be more in depth to Information-Technology where I am not sure whether I can take it or not, for the course where I want to apply using my NITEC certificate is mostly a hybrid course which I can learn more than IT.

This will be your answer to "What's the plan for my future" if you were to ask because there is too much to summarize where I can't just simply put them into words to just choose where I want to go or what I want to be.

Here are some achievements and knowledge that I have gained during my ITE life:
Won 1st prize in Social Entrepreneurship competition
3rd place in H2O Aqua Captain Ball competition

Here, I want to say "Thank You" to the people whom I have met that have given me chances and opportunities so that I am who am I now. I am proud of myself that I can finally graduate from my NITEC course!