Han Dynasty

A boutique spa located at Balestier Road that was open in August 2012. I personally had never been to any massage and spa boutique for any services before(I think) in Singapore unless it was paid by my mum. In this visit I get to choose any services I like and it is a sponsored one, I suddenly felt so pampered for a moment haha.

Balestier Road may have a lot of shop houses but... just look out for this building will do.

These are the bus available directly opposite Rocca Balestier mall

Once you have reach the building you will see a transparent door nearby the 7-11, just push the door and you will see a lift.

When in the lift just press #4, not to worry if you are afraid of going to the wrong place because the whole level 4 are occupied by Han Dynasty

This is the first thing you will see when the lift door has open.

Here they have the waiting area for guest.

Foot Reflexology

After a long standing hours in heels for the last weekend I am finally able to relax my legs.

Get to enjoy your own privacy space in the VIP Foot Reflex Lounge if you bring 2 more friend along.

My boyfriend came along too, and he is enjoying the free Wifi shopping online while waiting for me. Drinks were also being served while waiting for the therapist to get ready.

Soaked my feet into the warm water to prepare my leg for the foot reflexology.

Not forgetting to metntion, only certified therapists at can be found at Han Dynasty and they are very well trained.

I like how caring my therapist is, unfortunately I did not get her name else you all can look for her during your visit.

Oil Massage

Han Dynasty have over 12 treatment rooms.

All rooms are equipped with padded beds and private shower cubicles.

Before I start the massage session I have to get change into their paper panty

She is the same therapist that did Foot Reflexology for me.

She first warm up my body for massage by pressing my body with the towel over it.

The start of with a neck and shoulder massage

My boyfriend is the one whom help me to take pictures when I am doing my body massage, so sorry for the noisy picture because the room light is very low.

When he is bored...

Followed by back massage, net hat is put over my hair to prevent oil from getting contact with my hair.

FYI The oil they use are their signature oil, body will not feel sticky and oily or even hot after the massage.

Then leg massage. We have also receive quite a lot of knowledge from her, for example "Not allowed to bathe immediately after massage, it is recommended to wait up to 2 hours before bathing."

She also said that I will get a good sleep after massage, means no more insomnia for the night!

There is also a face and scalp massage, you can opt out if you are afraid of your face and hair getting oily.

After massage I got dress up and re-arrange my hair.

Was served plain water instead of tea because my therapist said it is better to drink lots of plain water after getting a massage.

What's good and I love about this place is No GSTopen 24 hourfree WiFi, nice atmospherefriendly, caring and knowledgeable staff!

Address: 221 Balestier Road, #04-01 Rocca Balestier (S) 329928
Phone: 6254 6466
Website: http://handynastyspa.com/