Chinatown(Yaowarat), MBK, Siam Square

This post is mainly concentrating on food featuring Nam Sing Bird Nest Co, Ha Kee Lim Jing Hieng Co and Yayoi Restaurant

Today will be the last day of our stay in Bangkok Loft Inn and will be changing to another hotel at Pratunam area tomorrow. Because many of my friends request me to buy something back for them which can be only found at Yaowarat so we decided to make a visit there again and this time we took a tuk-tuk there straight from our hotel.

Nam Sing Bird Nest Co

Usual place I will dine in at whenever I am at Yaowarat which you can find in this post, FYI they also have a branch at located at Pattaya next to the Royal Garden Plaze, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum.

So this is what we had for lunch

2nd grade Birdnest - We both shared this bowl as a starter for our first meal of the day cause I am afraid that I couldn't finish the food that we have ordered.
Tiger Prawn - First time trying out the grill tiger prawn at this restaurant, meat is quite fresh and chewy but kind of tasteless. However it came with a sauce for us to dip in.
Crab Vermicelli - After ordering we found out that the Prawn Vermicelli is more of a popular choice than the Crab Vermicelli from the review of people who had tried both dish, I personally feel that the vermicelli at Kitto Japanese Restaurant is much more nicer than this.
Egg Shark Fin - A money worthy dish I had to say, this broth of shark fin soup may look simple but there are actually big pieces of shark fin and abalone hidden inside.

Address: 39 - 47 Soi Texax, Phadungdao Road, Yaowaraj Bangkok 10100
Business Hour: 9:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Ha Kee Lim Jing Hieng Co

After our meal so start to shop for stuffs for our friends and family. I was asked to purchase something from this shop within my friend requirement without any specific shop name or address but provided with pictures. Hearing from passer-by pointing that this shop is only located right "opposite" Nam Sing so we took a stroll down the road.
First thing that attracted me was this Mr. Pig ambassador of this shop and when I take a glance into the shop I found the item that my friends wanted me to buy

Inside the packaging is rolled-up pork floss, it look kind of unique therefore I took the samples to try and I am quite fond of it so I grab a few more packet together with my boyfriend. In the store I have also found another item of what my friend wanted me to buy which is a small tin of tea, looking at the varieties of tea they have I decided to get one for myself to try.

Address: 450 Yaowarat Road, Sumpuntawong Bangkok 10100


Known as Mahboonkrong, is a large shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. At eight stories high, the center contains around 2,000 shops, restaurants and service outlets. Source: Google

MBK is quite a popular mall among people where they call it indoor chatuchak, I don't know why either but I don't really like the things they sell in this mall and I did not buy anything there. MBK can be a great place to buy anything at a bargain price but beware because they carry counterfeit electronic product such as phone, iPod and etc. MBK Mall is also divided into section and you will see repeated item almost everywhere so make sure you have done your price comparison before you make any purchase.

Boyfriend buy's from MBK for his mum

Siam Square

Located somewhere opposite MBK is Siam Square, I don't see any reason to buy thing here too because some of the apparel are over-priced and the floor plan is very messy which gives me a headache. I would recommend you to shop at the street-side night market along Siam Square instead.

Apparel bought at the night market

Yayoi Restaurant

Knowing that it is another branch under the well-known MK Interfood Company Limited we decided to give it a try, the branch we went is somewhere along the pedestrian over-head-bridge connecting from Siam to Chit Lom BTS

Salmon Sashimi - 199 baht
Ordered this as our appetizer as I could not resist my temptation for raw salmon. The salmon that they serve was VERY fresh, must try!

Pork Cheese burger - 155 baht
Best cheese pork I have ever tasted! The fragrant of the cheese hidden in-between the pork slices spread to me right away this dish was serve.

Chicken Teriyaki - 135 baht
This dish that my boyfriend had order is not bad either, it was the recommended dish on the menu. The seasoning on top on the skin added a touch of sweetness into the chicken.

FYI. We had change our Japanese Rice to Fried Garlic Rice

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